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Matlab: Tracking A Hurricane Using Web Map Service (wms).

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  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Altitude: 189 m, Density Altitude: 6 m
  • Weather Preferences: Tropical Cyclone, Blizzard, Thunderstorm, Freezing Cold Day and Heat Wave.
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Altitude: 189 m, Density Altitude: 6 m

    This demo shows how to track a hurricane using data from a WMS server. Typically web sites containing weather imagery may contain a visual animation of GOES imagery for any given hurricane. For example, a typical time-sequenced imagery of Katrina from a web site hosting weather imagery is shown below in an animated GIF.


    Note that this animation shows the data in an unprojected geographic coordinate system. However, you may wish to view the data in a projected coordinate system, and overlay the hurricane track and the size of the hurricane, at any given point in time.

    You can use MATLAB® to analyze images from a WMS server and track a hurricane's position and area. This demo will show you how to obtain the WMS imagery from a web site using features from the Mapping Toolbox™, analyze the imagery using features from the Image Processing Toolbox™, and use parfor from the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ to parallelize some computations for performance improvements.

    In particular, this demo will show you how to:

    • obtain WMS imagery at a particular time-step from a web site,
    • view the imagery in a projected coordinate system,
    • overlay the hurricane's track,
    • use the parfor command to parallelize computations of the convex hull, boundary, and centroid of the hurricane,
    • overlay those region properties onto the WMS basemap,
    • and animate the sequence.


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  • Location: Cheddington, Buckinghamshire
  • Weather Preferences: Winter: Cold & Snowy, Summer: Just not hot
  • Location: Cheddington, Buckinghamshire

    I'm currently doing a module on Matlab as part of my course, it's a very clever bit of kit but damn difficult to get a hang of! Thanks for this though, will certainly give this a read :)

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