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November 2011 Location Summaries And Statistics


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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

November 2011 Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales

Exceptionally mild, below average rainfall

Very little in the way of cold this month, and although unsettled at times, Ceredigion was spared the worst of the rain.

1st – 4th: A deep low close to Ireland made for a very mild unsettled start to the month with rain or showers, heavy at times.

5th- 7th: Cooler, dry with some sunshine and overnight frost and fog. Quite a severe frost on the 7th with a low of -5.5c which put paid to many of the late flowers and out of season budding. A rather cold maximum of just 6.8c on the 7th.

8th- 11th: Unsettled and very mild. Low pressure over the Atlantic brought up more Tropical Maritime air from the south. Rain at times, some heavy. It was often cloudy, although with a sunny interlude on the 10th.

12th and 13th: Exceptionally mild and dry with plenty of sunshine. 17c on the latter was the highest this late in Autumn for several decades.

14th- 30th: Mild to very mild and mixed. Sunny spells and also some rain at times. Ground frost occasionally by night and a slight air frost on the 23rd. The final week of the month was often windy with gale force gusts at times. The 11.6c minimum 29th in stark contrast to the run of sub -10c nights we were in this time last year! Still some budding and flowering.


Total rainfall: 93.1mm

Wettest day: 13.7mm 29th

Rain days >0.2mm: 17

Wet days >1.0mm: 13

Days of heavy rain >10mm: 4

Mean temperature: 9.4c

Mean Max: 12.8c

Mean Min: 5.9c

High max: 17.1c 13th

Low Max: 6.8c 7th

High min: 12.4c 3rd

Low min: -5.5c 7th

Air frost: 3

Ground frost: 9

Mean RH: 92%

High RH: 100% various

Low RH: 71% 27th

Predominant wind directions: SE

Mean wind speed: 1.4mph

Mean pressure: 1015mbar

Max pressure: 1030mbar 6th

Min pressure: 985mbar 3rd

Days with:

Hail: 0

Gale: 1

Thunder: 0

Fog: 2

Fog at 0900: 2

post-2595-0-17020200-1322754824_thumb.jp post-2595-0-85729300-1322754845_thumb.jp

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Castlebay Isle of Barra November 2011

Highest Temperature 14.0°C

Lowest Temperature 3.7°C

Average Temperature 10.8°C

Total Rainfall 100.1mm

Highest Humidity 97%

Lowest Humidity 63%

Average Humidity 86%

Highest Average Wind Speed 55mph

Average Wind Speed 23mph

Highest Gust 71mph

Highest Pressure 1026.3mb

Lowest Pressure 979.6mb

Lowest Wind Chill -10.3°C

Highest Dew Point 12.6°C

Lowest Dew Point -0.9°C

Average Dew Point 8.6°C

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

After the warmest and driest October I have ever recorded (since starting in 2003), November has followed suit and repeated the trick! Of greater significance (if that's possible) is that the mean is 4.49c higher than last November!

Average max = 11.92c (Highest = 14.9c on 3 Nov)

Average min = 8.21c (Lowest = -0.5c on 28 Nov)

Mean = 10.06c

Dry days = 11

Rain days = 19 (10 days with 1mm or less!)

Rainfall = 59mm

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

Average daily maximum; 11.0º

Highest daily maximum; 15.7º (3rd)

Lowest daily maximum; 8.2º (30th)

Average daily minimum; 5.3º

Highest daily minimum; 11.0º (3rd)

Lowest daily minimum; -4.2º (7th)

Number of air frosts; two

Average daily temperature; 8.2º (14yr mean 5.7º)

Total rainfall; 92.6mm

Wettest day; 16.8mm (24th)

Number of wet days (0.2mm or above); twenty-two

Highest wind gust; 51mph (28th)

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  • Location: Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine and 15-25c
  • Location: Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)

Edmonton Alberta Canada

very average surpirsingly...figures skewed by a 4 day bitterly cold spell in week 3 otherwise would have been much above normal

Average Max = +0.7c (+1.1c)

Average Min = -13.3c (-2.3c)

Average Mean = -6.3c (-0.6c)

Highest Max = 12.5c (10 Nov)

Lowest Max = -18.8c (20 Nov)

Highest Min = +0.3c (27 Nov)

Lowest Min = -36.1c (20 Nov)

Rainfall (snow) = 17.8mm (-0.7mm)

Days of falling Snow = 8

Days of Snow Lying = 18

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  • Location: G.Manchester
  • Location: G.Manchester

Extremely mild, easily the warmest on record although 1994 may have been a little warmer, but not by much. Remarkably warm by night. No individual records were broken for maximum or minimum (all records were set last year)

Mean Max 13.7c (+2.0c)

Mean Min 8.2c (+3.9c)

Mean 11.0c (+2.9c)

Highest maximum 17.1c (13th)

Lowest minimum -1.8c (28th)

Highest minimum 13.2c (3rd)

Lowest maximum 8.6c (16th)

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

values in brackets= long term averages, temperatures in degrees C


Avge Max=12.0(9.3) highest daytime=15.8 on 4th and lowest=7.3 on 20th

Avge Min=7.3(3.8C) lowest=2.6 on 28th and highest =11.4 on 29th

rainfall=18.6mm, wettest day=5th with4.6mm; 15 days with 0.2mm or more(15) and 5 with 1mm or more

1 ground frost, no thunder, hail, snow or air frost and 3(4) mornings with fog at 9am clock time.

The warmest November since I kept records from 1 January 1997. The previous was 2004 with 8.8C

Looking at the autumn temperatures then it is also the warmest I've recorded beating the previous in 2006; it showed 12.8C this year it is 13.1C

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine, convective precipitation, snow, thunderstorms, "episodic" months.
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

November 2011 stats for Cleadon:

Mean max 11.9C

Mean min 6.9C

Mean temp 9.4C

Highest max 15.1C on the 3rd

Lowest max 8.7C on the 20th

Highest min 11.3C on the 4th

Lowest min -1.3C on the 7th

Air frosts: 1

No days of sleet, snow, hail or thunder

3 mornings with fog at 0900

Precipitation 15mm

Days >= 1mm: 7

This made November 2011 the warmest November since I began recording, beating November 1994 by 0.4C (it will be interesting to see whether nearby Durham also breaks its all-time November record but I think it is strongly odds-on). Unlike at Doncaster, the autumn's mean temperature at Cleadon fell fractionally short of the 2006 value. It was also the driest November since 2004, making it part of an exceptionally dry year (although I'm not confident that my rain gauge has picked up all of the year's rain). The first half was dry and very dull, with persistent south-easterly winds and just a couple of bright days, with one intervening frosty night (the 6th/7th). Although the second half continued exceptionally warm, in contrast it was generally sunny, with plenty of hazy sunshine shortly after midmonth and then some bright blustery "westerly" days near the end.

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Main averages

Average maximum: 20.7 (+2.2)

Average minimum: 10.9 (+1.3)

Rainfall: 54mm (Long term average 55mm)

Warmest November since 1982 here.


Highest maximum: 31 ( November record is 37 )

Lowest maximum: 16 ( November record is 9 )

Highest minimum: 15 ( November record is 19 )

Lowest minimum: 5 ( November record is 2 )

Highest daily rainfall: 13mm

Highest wind speed: 46m/ph

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  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District. 290 mts a.s.l.
  • Weather Preferences: Anything extreme
  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District. 290 mts a.s.l.

The warmest November since 1994 here and the second mildest on a record back to 1963. It was consistently mild by day and night without any records being broken although the the lowest max' of 7.0c on the 20th was the highest on record.

It was the 5th driest November in the last 35 years and the driest since 2004. The maximum daily fall of 14.5mm was the lowest on record for the month. This continues what has been a very dry year with the rainfall total of 691.1mm up to Nov' 30th being the lowest for the period since 1975.

Sunshine was well below average, the lowest total since 2002, and it was also the foggiest November since the same year. There were approximately 205 hours of fog during the month placing it in the top ten foggiest months on record.

It was the calmest November since 1993 although things livened up at the very end of the month with two gales in the last 5 days.


Mean max'.....................9.8c...(+2.1c )

Mean min'......................5.5c...(+2.1c )

Highest max'..................13.5c..( 3rd )

Lowest max'.....................7.0c..(20th )

Lowest min'......................1.6c..(28th )

Highest min'....................10.2c...(4th )

Lowest Grass min'..........-1.3c...(28th )


Month total.......................64.9 mm...(61% )

Max' daily fall....................14.5mm...(2nd )

Rain days ( 0.2mm or more)....17

Wet days ( 1.0m or more ).......11


Month total.........................36.61 hrs...(60%)

Sunniest day........................6.78 hrs...(6th )

Sunless days.......................10

Air Frosts............................0

Ground Frosts....................2

Days with Thunder.............0

Days with Hail.....................0

Snow/sleet falling................0

Snow lying at 0900.............0

Days with fog at any time....19

Days with fog at 0900..........15

Mean wind speed at 0900....12.6mph

Max' gust...............................68 mph ( 29th )

Days with Gale........................2 ( mean speed more than 39 mph for 10 minutes)

All averages relate to the 1981-2010 period.

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

Hedon, East Yorkshire.

November 2011

Warmest Max: 15.9°C (on 03/11/11)

Coldest Max: 7.5°C (on 20/11/11)

Warmest Min: 12.6°C (on 03/11/11)

Coldest Min: 3.6°C (on 20/11/11)

Average Max: 12.1°C (+2.4°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Average Min: 7.1°C (+2.1°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Overall Average: 9.6°C (+2.3°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Rain: 12.6mm (22% Of Normal)

Wettest Day: 4th (5.6mm)

Sunshine: 52 hours (79% Of Normal)

Air Frosts: 0

Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 days

Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

Dry Days: 16

Wet Days: 14

Days With Rain >1.0mm: 3

Thunderstorms: 0

Year 2011 So Far (Jan - Nov)

Warmest Max: 29.7°C (on 27/06/11)

Coldest Max: 2.2°C (on 03/01/11)

Warmest Min: 16.5°C (on 27/06/11)

Coldest Min: -3.3°C (on 21/01/11 & 29/01/11)

Average Max: 15.0°C (+1.4°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Average Min: 8.0°C (+0.6°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Overall Average: 11.5°C (+1.0°C Above 1981-2010 Average)

Rain: 311.6mm (61% of Normal)

Wettest Day: 08/08/11 (22.8mm)

Sunshine: 1604 hours (112% of Normal)

Air Frosts: 12

Sleet/Snow Falling: 3 days

Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

Dry Days: 146

Wet Days: 187

Days With Rain >1.0mm: 79

Thunderstorms: 23

The second warmest November in 31 years and cooler than 1994 by just 0.3°C. The average maxima for the month was the highest, beating even 1994. The low max of 7.5°C on the 20th was the highest since 1997 and the minimum on the night of the 3rd the highest since 1996. The lowest minima of the month of 3.6°C was equal to the record high set in 2002. As well as being almost the warmest, it was the driest November Ive ever recorded, easily beating the driest of the last decade of 34.3mm set in 2004. Only three days saw rainfall of more than 1.0mm and 1.6mm of the monthly total was due to heavy dews. Despite being such a warm and dry month it was the dullest since 2004 and 2nd dullest of the last 10 years.

The first half of the month saw a persistent high to the east bringing winds from that direction. This gave a combination of generally mild and cloudy weather. Apart from the 4th when almost half of the month's rainfall total fell, it was generally dry except for short periods of drizzle and heavy dews overnight. Night temperatures were particularly mild with the lowest temperature in the first 15 days being 5.2°C. Daytime temperatures were generally very mild, but rather homogenous. The second half of the month then saw more in the way of sunshine and thick fog at 0900 on the 20th. It became rather windy in the final week, though rainfall amounts remained small.

Overall, a rather benign month, devoid of any real weather. It was warm enough to make the Autumn the second warmest in 31 years (0.2°C behind 2006) and the driest on record with just 66.8mm of rain, a mere 42% of average. Despite November's lack of sunshine, the Autumn was sunnier than average at 347 hours (111%), but only had the highest total since 2007.

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