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Your Most Exciting Weather Moments

A Winter's Tale

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  • Location: Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire
  • Location: Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire

    2011 was overall, a dull year for weather except for one or two storms, a few snowfalls that only the north had enjoyed and two extrodinaryperiods of warm weather!

    Now you can choose one event or a whole load of events, it can be any type of weather or something that doesn't even effect you - such as watching for temperature records to be broken, or a great moment in the models. It doesn't need to be all dramatic, it could be a breathtakingly beautiful scene that makes you rush for the camera. I'll be looking forward to reading your great weather moments.

    In my early childhood, the weather seemed to be normal with decent enough snow in winter, some rain, some wind, lots of sunshine, some ice, fog and the seasons were....seasonal!

    Other than a few exceptional storms (such as one I think in either late 2001 or early 2002), some decent snowfalls (quite of a few these ranging from battleground to showers) and some spectacular thunderstorms (there used to be quite a few), SOME of my most exciting weather moments have come really during the past 5-6 years (although as I've said there were quite a few good moments before that).

    So here are my most exciting weather moments:


    To this day, this event remains the largest snowfall and deepest lying snow that I've ever seen. The build up was pretty decent with great forecasts and hype about the event and seeing Scotland completley covered in white for hours was great. I kept on watching the forecasts and waited for it come. Waiting in bed, I saw the first flakes fall at 11pm, then I feel asleep and woke up in the morning to a truly amazing whiteout. 30cm on the ground was staggering and I would love to have seen the snowfall at it's heaviest. With everything all white and massive coverings of snow ontop of the cars, houses and bushes, I went out and enjoyed the occasion. It didn't last long, with milder weather coming in and melting most of it the next day.


    It started off a sunny day with temperatures of 20C, although it did begin to become a little breezy in the afternoon with some clouds about. I went for a meal in the evening where there were no windows and the music was very loud so I couldn't have an idea of what was going on outside. Once I went through the door after the meal, the first thing that I saw was many people staring at the sky from other restaurants (including Chefs). I looked up and the sky was green with many flashes and some dim rumbles as I heard a few people say the storm has started. The air was incredibly muggy and soon, it began to pour as the rumbles got lager and the sky got darker. I was dropped off at my Grans and hid in the bottom room as the storm grew. There were some incredible bangs! It went on and on, and once it had reached it's peak, it was truly spectacular! Looking out of the window with a great view of the Western Central Belt, all I could see was hundreds of flashes over the entire central belt with truly incredibly heavy rain with the street becoming a river. It kept on going and the thunder got louder and there was many rumbles and claps during a minute. When I thought it had calmed down, we decided to go home. Looking north to the trossachs at 10pm was an incredible area of lightning activity which lit a massive area of the sky with an agressive, sharp pink colour. To the south, I saw a few bolts of lightning. Once I had got back, the storm had got worse again and continued until I finally fell asleep.


    Not exactly dramatic, but an enjoybale and amazing period of weather. I can remember watching the BBC forecasts and seeing the temperatures got warmer and warmer each day. With the World Cup on, it was a special time for a heatwave. I really did enjoy that world cup and that summer with the activities and things you could do in the weather. But I really did find it amazing with the endless days of sunshine and heat, those roasting hot mornings and baking afternoons and sizzling evenings. A truly remarkable event.


    Although I thought the February event was great, this was truly amazing at the time. A proper Big Freeze, lasting for weeks, lots of days of lying snow, lots of falling snow, always cold, distruption and very cold temps in the Highlands. The White Christmas was great, and having lying snow and cold for a month was brilliant aswell as the snowfall inbetween. Truly memorable, although the best event was probably on the 20th December. With lots of showers packing in from the west, in the evening we had hours and hours of heavy snow. It was great switching between watching the radar, the lampost and the lying snow. It resulted in a 10cm snowfall. That was the largest snowfall of the winter, the coldest day was in January, and in between and afterwards was just endless fun. An event to remember!


    Except in terms of consecutive days of lying snow and cold, this event was better than December 2009-January 2010 freeze. My first winter on netweather, the build up was incredible and when it arrived, it surely didn't dissapoint. So many great memories from this. The first snowfall was an incredible area of snow from the east on the 26th that dumped 5cm in 20mins with thundersnow! The continuos cold in Glasgow and in the country (that was colder than the year before) was brilliant mixed with fantastic winter sunshine and the great Forth-Clyde Streamer. Being on the Scotland Regional enhanced the fun of the spell. A 10cm snowfall on the 28th was a great moment, and the length was great. Seeing temperatures hardly go above -4C, and snow every day was great too. December 6th event was amazing as I had followed it the day before and woke up to a heavy snowfall. It just kept on going and I can remember looking out the window and seeing car after car being abondoned on the road as the heavy snow kept on falling. That dumped a further 10cm and of course, the news coverage and updates from the Scotland Regional was unforgettabe. The following day, was my first ever "snow day" and the temperature never got above -10C and dropped to -15C. Watching the temperature readings around the country was fantastic and the days were filled with perfect winter sunsets. The next spell wasn't quite as good, but was consistently colder with most nights going below -10C. A few light snowfalls until a 1-2cm snowfall from an easterly on the 19th? I think the best aspect of the spell was the temperatures, although the 3cm snowfall on Christmas morning was fantastic. It was so sad to see it end!


    Woke up at 6am to the sound of an almighty gust of wind that made the most incredible bangs. The roar, drone and rumble of the wind was endless and loud and I could hear it smashing some area of the town, just hoping that the particular gust won't reach here. The gusts were constent and mental. I could hear and feel the door about to explode open, I could hear all the bins falling over and damage to roofs and I just thought that the world was ending! The upstairs window blew open and we had to put a wardrobe, books and mattress infront of it - it blew open a further two times. Looking out of the window, I could hear and see the Christmas Period wine bottles rolling down the street and accumilating at the cul-de-sac. The updates on the Scotland Thread were mental! Once it had passed, I had realised that for the first time in my life, the house had received some damage with some slates knocked off (This happened to quite a few of the members too). On the drive to Bearsden, I saw many fences down, a large brick wall, two entire signposts bent over and countless numbers of trees down. In Bearsden, there were so many large trees down and I went for a walk. I was confused on the origins of one particular blown down tree that had found itself on someones house. I learnt that it was the top half of a tree across the road - an excutued tree! Looking at the slates was staggering with very large slates on the grass everywhere. Some of the pieces had pierced well through the ground - just imagine what that would have done to the Skull in impact! I went for another drive and saw incredible scenes at every corner - truly amazing!

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