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Squirrels Query

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  • Location: Hastings, East Sussex
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  • Location: Hastings, East Sussex

Love them or hate them, most people hate them but in the main I love them although if they keep digging up my fricking bulbs that may soon change !! Although I have only myself to blame as I put nuts out for them every day but I tend to feel for all animals and birds in winter months. But I am intrigued by them and I saw some unusual behaviour today that I have never experienced before and I wondered if anyone could enlighten me as to what they were doing.

I went out this morning to free up the ice from the bird bath. It was so thick that I only managed to snap away half of it but it freed up enough space for some fresh water and I left the half block of ice in the bath. I then noticed the squirrel making a visit and instead of going for the free water I saw him break a piece of the broken ice instead ?? And shortly afterwards I saw him in one of my flower pots running around in circles around the plant in the centre rolling himself in the soil. I've never seen this before and I watch them all the time - can anyone enlighten me ?!

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