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The Weather In Lebanon


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  • Location: Lebanon
  • Weather Preferences: Mild and comfortable weather at around 23C
  • Location: Lebanon

    Ok, after the winter of 2012, my family moved to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. I will keep you updated with photos and reports. I'll also try to throw in a few pictures blum.gif

    Anyways, im going to start with the 3 upcoming days biggrin.png

    Thursday, April 12, 12

    Max T: 19 C

    Minimum T: 10

    Am showers with T going down to 9 or 8 C

    Overcast and patchy clouds at around noon, T around 19 C

    Clear and cold night, T around 10 C

    Friday, April 13, 12

    Max T: 20 C

    Minimum T: 13 C

    Wonderful morning with T around 16 C

    Sunny and clear Noon with T around 20 C

    Mainly clear and mild night with T around 15 C

    Saturday, April 14, 12

    Max T: 24 C

    Minimum T: 18 C

    Wonderful and clear morning with T around 19 or 20 C

    Hot noon with T reaching up to 22 C, however a hot afternoon will be witnessed, with T around 24 and a high humidity level.

    Cloudy night with T around 18 C, with small showers at around 3 am to 4 am

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