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April 2012 Statistics.

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

    Now I'm working from home again, I have ready-access to all my lovely records and statistics. So, in Great Asby during April...

    Average maximum daily temperature; 9.9º

    Highest daily maximum; 13.9º (30th)

    Lowest daily maximum; 6.8º (4th)

    Average daily minimum; 3.7º

    Highest daily minimum; 6.4º (26th)

    Lowest daily minimum; -4.1º (5th)

    No. of air frosts; five

    Mean monthly temperature; 6.8º (14yr average 7.9º)

    Total rainfall; 72.0mm

    Wettest day; 13.4mm (26th)

    No of wet days (0.2mm and above); nineteen

    Highest wind gust; 43mph (17th)

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    Unsettled, wet month but nowhere near as wet as many other areas. The wind was probably the main feaure of the month, severe drifting early in the month with the snowfall.

    Ave temp 5.2C

    Ave max 8.3C

    Ave min 2.1C

    Rainfall 105mm

    Max 12.5C

    Min -2.6C

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  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District South Pennines Middleton & Smerrill Tops 305m (1001ft) asl.
  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District South Pennines Middleton & Smerrill Tops 305m (1001ft) asl.

    Ive recorded 209mm of rain this month here.Thats about 8.5 inches.

    That has beaten Buxton Town Hall's records, reaching back 140 years being 206mm in 1920 !

    A mean temp of 5.8c

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  • Location: Warwick UK
  • Location: Warwick UK

    I've recorded 111.9mm of rain for April in Warwick.

    Mean Temp 7.6C

    Max 17.7C

    Min -2.6

    Average wind speed 3mph

    Highest gust - 32.3mph

    23days of rain for April

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    for Cantley

    April Summary

    A very wet month and the first month since December 2010 to return a Mean temperature not 0.5C or more above the long term average (1942-now, RAF Finningley and Cantley)

    In June 2007 136.4mm, April 114.0mm

    Data (values in C and long term averages in brackets)

    Mean temperature=8.2(8.3)

    Avge Max=12.0(12.6) highest on 30th with 18.3, and lowest daytime on 4th with 6.0

    Avge Min=4.5(3.9) highest on 9th with 7.8 and coldest night on 6th with -0.4

    Rainfall=114.0 mm, 20 days with 0.2mm or more and 15 with 1.0mm or more; wettest day=29th with 17.0mm

    No thunder but 3 days with hail (one was 0.5mm or more diameter) and 1 day with snow (sleet) falling

    1 air frost and 6 ground frosts

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  • Location: ILCHESTER
  • Location: ILCHESTER

    Record breakingly wet here, in fact rather than having front and back lawns I now have front and back swimming pools, the latter being about 100m wide but extending most of the way to Taunton!

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

    My statistics for central Reading in April 2012:

    Average maximum: 12.6

    Average minimum: 4.6

    Average for month: 8.6

    Highest maximum: 19.1 (April 30)

    Lowest maximum: 9.7 (23)

    Highest minimum: 8.9 (27)

    Lowest minimum: -1.6 (6)

    Air frosts: 2

    Rainfall: no data available for this site; Reading University shows around 110mm for the month, 230% of average, so a very wet month. The only 24 hour period (midnight-midnight) with no rainfall was on the 16th, and I believe that there were no dry days at all measured from 9am to 9am.

    Overall, exceptionally wet with temperatures close to the April average (although it certainly felt colder than that most of the time). The wettest day was the 29th with just under 20mm recorded at the university.

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  • Location: Heswall, Wirral
  • Weather Preferences: Summer: warm, humid, thundery. Winter: mild, stormy, some snow.
  • Location: Heswall, Wirral

    I would say a very poor month with well above average rain (circa 200% above average). It was cool, more so in the night, than the day. An unlikely air frost occurred as well, with the lowest temperature in the night since April 1989 in local records.

    Mean Maximum Temperature: 11.2C

    Mean Minimum Temperature: 4.6C

    Overall Mean Temperature: 7.9C

    Highest Maximum Temperature: 19.0C (30th April)

    Lowest Maximum Temperature: 6.1C (4th April)

    Highest Minimum Temperature: 8.4C (9th April)

    Lowest Minimum Temperature: -1.2C (15th April)

    Rainfall: 87.9mm

    Rainfall Days: 19 days

    Maximum Rainfall in one day: 26.5mm (29th April)

    Air frost Days: 1

    Ground Frost Days: 3

    Snow Days: 0

    Frequency of Days with; (Maximum Temperature)

    5-10C: 5 days

    10-15C: 23 days

    15-20C: 1 days

    Frequency of Days with; (Minimum Temperature)

    -5-0C: 1 day

    0-5C: 15 days

    5-10C: 14 days

    Overall going on the '81-10 CET average (8.5C), April 2012 came in at 7.9C which is -0.6C below average, making it a slightly below average month.

    The saving grace here was the maximum temperature which, in the middle of the month were fairly respectable... the amount of rain and lack of sunshine contributed to this poor April, however.

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

    This was the first time since I began recordings in 2003 that April has been cooler than March, which says far more about the warmth

    in March than what was, temperature wise, a below average April.

    The main talking point though is the rainfall with no dry day since the 16th! It was the wettest April I have recorded and the wettest

    month since January 2011!

    The highest max and mins came right at the end of the month!

    For Warminster, Wiltshire

    Average max = 13.01c (Highest = 17.1c on 30 April)

    Average min = 4.49c (Lowest = -0.3c on 16 April)

    Mean = 8.75c (0.03c cooler than March)

    Dry days = 6

    Precipitation days = 24 (of which 7 = hail)

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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

    Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales

    Cool and wet; plenty of April showers

    No further hints of Summer after the unseasonable warmth of late March and we did not reach 60f until the final day. It is quite unusual for April to average out colder than the previous month of March, and this year by well over a degree. Plenty of useful rain after the dry start to 2012, this was the wettest April since 1998 which had 186mm at nearby Lampeter University.

    1st- 2nd: Dry with sunny spells after frost

    3rd- 4th: Became very cool and windy with some rain, maximum only 4.9c on 4th.

    5th- 6th: Mostly dry, severe frost 6th, minimum -6.0c

    7th- 10th: Very unsettled, rain and showers, some heavy. A little sunshine at times, temperatures near average

    11th- 12th: Llanwnnen dodged the April showers for a couple of days giving sunny periods with near average temperatures

    13th- 16th: Some sun with showers, some heavy, cool to average temperatures, frosts overnight.

    17th- 26th: Very unsettled, rain or showers at times, some heavy. Windy at times; near average temperatures and a few more frosts. Pressure fell down to 975mbar on the 18th the lowest level for 17 months.

    27th- 30th: Mix of very cool and mild conditions. There was some further rain at times, and last two days saw strong winds. We missed the heavy rain on the 29th with the north-east winds creating a rain shadow over Ceredigion, just 5mm falling here, while some other parts of Wales saw almost 2 inches (50mm). Highest temperature of the month on it's final day was just 16.3c.

    Total rainfall: 126.0mm

    Wettest day: 16.7mm 9th

    Rain days >0.2mm: 24

    Wet days >1.0mm: 22

    Days of heavy rain >10mm: 4

    Mean temperature: 7.3c

    Mean Max: 11.9c

    Mean Min: 2.6c

    High max: 16.3c 30th

    Low Max: 4.9c 4th

    High min: 7.4c 9th

    Low min: -6.0c 6th

    Air frost: 6

    Ground frost: 13

    Mean RH: 84%

    High RH: 97% 10th

    Low RH: 46% 16th

    Predominant wind directions: NW

    Mean wind speed: 1.8mph

    Mean pressure: 1004mbar

    Max pressure: 1028mbar 15th

    Min pressure: 975mbar 18th

    Days with:

    Hail: 5

    Gale: 0

    Thunder: 0

    Fog: 2

    Fog at 0900: 1

    Sleet or snow falling: 1

    Snow lying at 0900: 0

    post-2595-0-50436700-1335882601_thumb.jp post-2595-0-98293400-1335882616_thumb.jp post-2595-0-68756600-1335882633_thumb.jp

    Note to graphs: Some of the maxima subject to downward adjustment of 1c to counteract over sheltering at times/ or sun exposure at times, this not apparent in the graphs above.

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  • Location: Dundee
  • Weather Preferences: Snow, thunderstorms, gales. All extremes except humidity.
  • Location: Dundee

    Roughly 3 degrees under March's average temps here. Haven't worked them out exactly but not much over 6C compared with 9.1C in March. Rainfall above average at 73 mms. Warmest day was the 1st by some way at 14.1C. Several air frosts plus a good few more ground frosts. Snow lying one morning and falling on two days plus sleet and soft hail on another 2/3 days.

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  • Location: Uplands, Swansea (30m asl)
  • Location: Uplands, Swansea (30m asl)

    Some interesting stats in this thread, a wet month all round but not always where you might expect, for example it looks like Warwick and Reading were wetter than here in Mid Wales. Lots of variation in max and min temps as well. Here the max temp was recorded on 1st April - how often does that happen for April?

    Max temp: 18.2C (1st)

    Min Temp: -3.8C (16th)

    High Min: 9.1C (30th)

    Low Max: 2.2C (4th)

    Average temp: 7.1C (compares to March 7.4c)

    Monthly rainfall: 104.1mm (almost half of which in the last week)

    Max daily rain: 12.6mm (29th)

    Air frosts: 5 (5th, 6th, 14th, 16th, 20th)

    Days snow falling: 1

    Days snow lying: 0

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  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Location: Aberdeen

    An unremittingly cold, dull and wet month that was as dismal as the bleakest of winter months. A new record was set for rain days and rain duration while it was the dullest April since 1941. 25 days recorded below average maxima and the mean maximum was 4.4C lower than March. It would be hard to imagine a worse April. Almost certainly the only April where rainfall duration has exceeded sunshine duration.

    Mean Max: 8.5 (-2.4)

    Mean Min: 2.9 (-0.6)

    Mean: 5.7 (-1.5)

    Highest Max: 12.8 (8th)

    Lowest Max: 3.8 (2nd)

    Highest Min: 6.6 (8th)

    Lowest Min: -1.1 (5th)

    Air Frosts: 3

    Rainfall: 103.8mm (188%)

    Rain Days: 26 (+10)

    Wet Days: 20 (+9)

    Rain Duration: 114.3hrs

    Wettest Day: 14.4mm (30th)

    Sunshine: 97.0hrs (63%)

    Sunniest Day: 10.3hrs (16th)

    Sunless Days: 6

    Snow/sleet days: 6

    Snow lying days: 2

    Max depth:6cm (3rd)

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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Continental winters & summers.
  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

    Yatton, North Somerset

    Overall: A very cool month, cooler than March, and after a dry first week, wet or very wet with showers or longer spells of rain.

    1st - 6th

    The first week was either bright and cool or damp and cold. The 1st and 2nd were quite sunny after falling near freezing overnight, the 3rd also turning out quite sunny despite the forecast. The 4th and 5th were then cold, breezy and damp with light rain intermittently in a strong northeasterly wind. Skies cleared and a heavy frost followed on the morning of the 6th, which was mainly sunny again.

    7th - 8th

    The Easter weekend was cloudier but considerably milder with occasional sunshine. Again, all the rain avoided here.

    9th - 13th

    Then the deluge began. Bank Holiday Monday (9th) was very wet compared to any day in March and February with 18mm of rain. Showers followed, albeit blustery on the 10th then intensified on the 11th and 12th and became more slow moving. The second thunderstorm of the year came on the evening of the 12th with a considerable fall of hail. The 13th dawned brighter but heavy showers quickly built to the east but avoided here.

    14th - 16th

    A brief quieter period followed. The 14th was cold and cloudy with a nagging northeasterly wind. This died down by the 15th and it became a lot sunnier with a frost overnight into the 16th (-1.2C).

    17th - 22nd

    A quintessentially April period. Showers became widespread but generally moved through quicker than the week before. They were however very intense at times with hail and thunder, particular on the 19th and 20th. It remained shower-free on the 22nd despite a gust front moving through early afternoon and a small thunderstorm crossing north Bristol in the evening.

    23rd - 30th

    This was the wettest period of the month. A succession of deep low brought period of persistent rain followed by showers. The first on the 23rd was rather tame and the 24th was actually bright and quite warm in the sun. The the 25th saw the first heavy lot of precipitation followed by torrential downpours, one such with a few rumbles of thunder somewhere to the south (not quite a thunderstorm but a thunder day). The 26th was more blustery with showers racing through but a convergence zone on the 27th brought some more torrential downpours during the afternoon. As winds veered easterly on the 28th, it became a lot cooler (only reaching 8.3C) with spots of rain. Then the next lot of hefty precipitation arrived overnight into the 29th giving the wettest day since 8th July 2011. A brief bright interlude followed before more rain moved through on the 30th, followed by a bright slot during the afternoon.

    Monthly Ave. Temp: 07.5C (-2.3C)

    Average Max: 11.2C

    Average Min: 03.8C

    Highest Max: 15.1C (30/04/2012)

    Lowest Max: 06.7C (04/04/2012)

    Highest Min: 08.1C (08/04/2012)

    Lowest Min: -01.7C (06/04/2012)

    Hours of Sun: 102.2

    Total Rain: 143.7mm (+73.5mm)

    Wettest Day: 28.2mm (29/04/2012)

    Frosty Days: 2

    Snowfall Days: 0

    Snowlie Days: 0

    Thunder Days: 3

    All in all, a pretty poor month for outdoor activities but weatherwise very interesting with something to look for on most days of the month. I would take this month over March any day (or rather month).

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  • Location: G.Manchester
  • Location: G.Manchester

    A cold month with temperatures well below the 2004-2011 mean. Easily the coldest, particularly cold by day (2007, 2010 and 2011 extrapolating the mean maxima) Exceptionally wet and the only April not to achieve and exceed 20c. April 2012 was 0.5 cooler than March. The mean maximum of 12.4c was almost 7c below that of 2011 and perhaps more extraordinary the highest temperature of all month, 18.9c was 0.2c below the average maximum for April 2011!

    Mean maxima; 12.4c (3.5c below normal)

    Mean minima; 3.8c (0.9c below normal)

    Mean; 8.1c (2.2c below average)

    Highest Maximum; 18.9c (30th)

    Lowest Minimum; -2.9c (6th)

    Highest Minimum; 8.5c (30th)

    Lowest Maximum; 9.3c (23rd)

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    Hobart is Australia's southernmost city, situated at sealevel on an estuary 2 miles from the ocean, and backed by a 1270m ( 4200ft ) mountain range.

    April - second month of autumn

    This month had the equal highest average maximum temperature that has ever been recorded here, tieing with 1993. Overall it was the second warmest April on record, equalling 2010 and behind 1989 ( which was the warmest. )

    Winds were predominant warm NW off the continent, with intense high pressure systems slow moving to the east, and very little activity moving up from colder waters to the south. Any front that did cross, swung winds around only briefly.

    Anomolies ( in brackets ) are 1981-2010 comparison.

    Average maximum: 19.6 ( +1.8 )

    Average minimum: 10.4 ( +1.0 )

    Rainfall: 22mm ( Average 51mm )


    Highest maximum: 28.9 ( Record 30.6 in 1941 )

    Lowest maximum: 12.5 ( Record 7.7 in 1967 )

    Highest minimum: 16.3 ( Record 18.6 in 1959 )

    Lowest minimum: 4.0 ( Record 0.7 in 1963 )

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