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  • Location: Hemel
  • Location: Hemel

    Not sure if this is in the corrent place but, I cant get to sleep and I decided to look out my window. I saw a strange bright light which I thought was a star, but it wasnt, it was darting around in all directions at fast speeds. I decided to get up to have a closer look, as I approached the window, it just vanished! About 10 mins later I looked again, and guess what the same light appeared but in a different place, darting around as it was doing before. Again I get up to have a closer look at it and once again it vanishes just as I approach my window, when I got back in bed I looked out my window again(my bed is a distance from the window), and strangely enough it appeared once again, so very strang, it was almost as if the object knew I was watching it. Just thought Id share this, anyone else seen any UFOs? Time for bed!!

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