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Making The Best Use Of Your Storm Footage.


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  • Location: Peterborough N.Cambridgeshire
  • Location: Peterborough N.Cambridgeshire

I've recently been converting some old family videos onto DVD for my parents and discovered some footage of a storm back in the 1990s. Now after yesterdays storm i've decided to mess around with Windows Live movie maker and the sniping tool. Before you watch the videos below please take into consideration they were recorded using a VHS camera that was purchased in the 1980s and the video tape this was recorded on was dodgy.

Now just imagine what you could do with footage you have recorded via todays cameras. A HDTV camera plus using the tools I shall describe below, will make for some incredible footage.

The first video is slowed down to show you the lightning strikes.


This next video is at normal speed and includes the sound of some cracking rumbles of thunder.


I captured one of the lightning strikes.


If anyone isn't familiar with windows movie maker I simply selected video tools after adding the video, I then changed the speed and selected 0.125X. You could of course slow it down even further by saving the video and then adding the video onto movie maker again and slowing it down even further.

As for capturing an image I simply played the video on windows media player and paused it at the right time and then selected the sniping tool which is found by clicking on start followed by programs. I then saved image and uploaded.

Many of you may well already know how to do this but I thought I would share. I will add my OS is windows 7 and im not sure if XP has these features.

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  • Location: South East UK
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms/squalls/hoar-frost/mist
  • Location: South East UK

this is good, although many computers cant handle editing with HD footage, i expect in a couple of years the processing power will have caught up with the HD cameras, by that time something else will have made them obsolete rofl.gif

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