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Hello! My name is Daniel and I am new to this forum. I joined this forum as I am a young weather enthusiast and am hoping to go into the field of meteorology when I am older. The matter is getting into university first, I wish to do a Geography undergraduate and then a postgraduate in either meteorology or climatology. I can get the grades required however I have been looking for some sources of wider reading for a while now and haven't found much. I would very much enjoy carrying out this and was wondering if anyone knew of any appropriate *free* wider reading sources for meteorology or climatology? Thank you :)

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  • Location: Leeds (Roundhay) 135m
  • Location: Leeds (Roundhay) 135m

Theres a number of good books on climatology or meteorology, just search Amazon! If you plan on going to uni, and do Geography, then you will probably end up dong modules that involve climate and weather, for example im doing two, one on Environmental change, another on Atmospheres and oceans. In this case i would certainly recommend this > click . Also good now if you want to expand on the basic principles of how the climate and atmosphere function!

In terms of free wider reading sources, depends what you want. This is very good, http://weatherfaqs.org.uk/ . Also if you have a fuller understanding of a certain issue, e.g. causes of climate change, and want to look a little more in-depth at a certain area, then this is very good http://scholar.google.co.uk/ . Although this is only really used at uni level, if your in the process of doing A levels then it may be of use! Other than this its just case of searching the internet. Net-weather guides are very useful, you should have a look at them :) .

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