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Weather extremes December 2012 - Weather Station Gouda-North - Netherlands!

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  • Location: Gouda-north (NL)
  • Weather Preferences: Optics and extremes
  • Location: Gouda-north (NL)


    All the best wishes for 2013 and a happy and healthy New Year!

    The measurement results of the Gouda-North station for the month of December 2012:

    Weather Station Gouda-north

    Weather cabin GPS coordinates: N 52.02282, E 4.71338

    Station GPS coordinates: N 52.02282, E 4.71335

    Ev: -1.80 m N.A.P.

    Daily measurements of 20 hours - 20 hours (summer) and 19 hours - 19 hours (winter).

    December 2012, in Gouda as very warm, very wet the weather statistic books.

    The number of sunshine hours was just still in the normal category with 39 hours and 36 minutes.

    December was the wettest month of 2012 and in terms of productivity wind took second place in December 2012 with a wind gradient of 6343.800 km across the entire month.

    Because the predominant wind blew from the south (share: 20.160%) and often firmly blew came often to very low temperatures in this first winter month.

    According to the latest UGKB-back cards will certainly until January 15, 2013 (very) soft and the first half of the winter was over, the chance of a cold or severe winter is thus viewed, I think.

    December 2012 had 5 days of frost and no ice days.

    In 2012 in Gouda-north 82.9 mm. too little precipitation gevaal to the normal level of 877.6 mm. to come out.

    There is 90.6% of the normal amount of cases, there is 794.7 mm. precipitation cases in Gouda-north. Approximately an average monthly amount to little.

    And while December was quite a well-made 51.3% more than normal.

    2012 was 235 (64.21% of 366 days) precipitation days and 131 (35.79% of 366 days) dry days.

    2012 is average (hourly measurements) .80 ° C warmer expired with respect to normal.

    2012 was very sunny in Gouda with 1697.9 hours of sunshine, almost 150 hours more than normal.

    Lowest temp.: -3.8 º C (December 8, 2012/09: 23 pm)

    Highest temp.: 8.9 ° C (28 December 2012/19: 39 pm)

    Gem. min temp. : 3.39 º C.

    Gem. min temp. (Hourly): 3.29 º C.

    Lowest max temp. : 0.8 ° C (December 12, 2012/19: 56 pm)

    Highest max temp.: 12.1 ° C (December 23, 2012/09: 42 pm)

    Gem. max temp. : 7,03 º C.

    Gem. max temp. (Hourly): 6.91 º C.

    Average temperature (December 2012): 5.34 ° C (Normal = 3.70 ° C)

    Average temperature (measured hourly): 5.13 ° C (Normal = 3.70 ° C)

    Lowest measured dew point (1.5 m): -5.6 ° C (December 8, 2012/09: 23 pm)

    Highest measured dew point (1.5 m): 9.3 ° C (December 23, 2012/09: 42 pm)

    Lowest emotional temperature December 2012:

    -3.8 ° C (1.5 meters) (December 8, 2012/09: 23 pm)

    Highest emotional temperature December 2012:

    12.1 ° C (1.5 meters) (December 23, 2012/09: 42 pm)

    Day with the most precipitation: 17.5 mm.: December 23, 2012; (19 hours-19 hours)

    Days with 10 mm or more precipitation: (3) 17.5 mm. (23 December 2012)

    12.6 mm. (9 December 2012)

    11.2 mm. (2 December 2012)

    Average etmaalsom: 4.5 mm.

    Precipitation in December 2012: 125.0 mm. (19 hours-19 hours)

    (Normal for Gouda = 83,0 mm.)

    Precipitation in December 2012: 125.6 mm. (0 h-24 h)

    Surplus December 2012: 42.0 mm. (19 hours-19 hours)

    Surplus December 2012: 42.6 mm. (0 h-24 h)

    Height precipitation in 1 hour: 3.5 mm. (1 December: 1.23 am - 2.23 pm)

    Rainfall Total 2012 (19 hours-19 hours): 792.0 mm.

    (Normal Gouda = 877.6 mm.)

    Total precipitation in 2012 (0-24h): 794.7 mm.

    Sunshine December 2012: 39.6 hours. (39 hours and 36 minutes).

    Day with the most sunshine: December 8, 2012 (6.8 hours of sunshine).

    Day with the fewest hours of sunshine: 3, 7, 19, 22, 24 and 31 December (0.0 hours of sunshine).

    Windchill: 1.47 m. / Sec.

    Gem. minimum wind speed: 0.06 m. / sec. (December 13, 2012/04: 56 pm)

    (From east-southeast direction)

    Gem. Maximum wind speed: 4,25 m. / sec. (December 31, 2012/22: 39 hours)

    (From the west)

    Highest measured wind speed:

    14.72 m. / Sec. (24 December 2012/21: 39 pm) (7 Beaufort)

    Average highest measured wind speeds in December 2012:

    8.29 meters per second. (5 Beaufort)

    Prevailing wind direction (degrees): 182 ° (182.18 °)

    Prevailing wind (strokes): South

    Prevailing wind direction measured hourly (Degrees): 180 ° (180.00 °)

    Prevailing wind direction measured hourly (Regions): South

    Lowest measured pressure: 983.0 Hpa (December 14, 2012/18: 56 pm)

    Highest measured pressure: 1028.2 Hpa (December 11, 2012/14: 23 hours)

    Average barometer December 2012: 1007.80 Hpa

    Average air pressure (measured hourly): 1008.10 Hpa

    Lowest humidity (1.5 m) in December 2012: 75%

    (December 12, 2012/13: 56 pm)

    High humidity (1.5 m) in December 2012: 89%

    (December 9, 2012/08: 23 pm)

    Lowest average air humidity (1.5 m) in December 2012: 82% (81.61%)

    Highest average humidity (1.5 m) in December 2012: 86% (85.94%)

    Average humidity (1.5 m) in December 2012: 84% (83.77%)

    Gem. humidity (1.5 m) (hourly) December 2012: 84% (84.06%)

    Number of hot days (> 20 º C): 0

    Whose summer days (> 25 ° C): 0

    Which tropical days (> 30 ° C): 0

    Number of frost days: 5

    Number of nights light frost: 5

    Number of nights moderate frost: 0

    Number of nights frost: 0

    Number of nights severe frost: 0

    Number of dry days: 3

    Number of precipitation days: 28

    Number of rainy days: 26

    Number of snow days: 3

    Number of days with sleet: 2

    Number of ice days: 0

    Number ijsregendagen: 0

    Number of thunderstorm days: 1

    Number of lightning days: 0

    Number of hail days: 5

    Number of missing days: 2

    Number of sunny days: 25

    Number of sunless days: 6

    The temperature in December 2012 in Gouda was 5.13 ° C (measured hourly) = warmer than normal (1.43 ° C) and falls into the category of very hot.

    December 2012 was very wet expired with 125.6 mm. rainfall precipitation and 28 days.

    The number of hours of sunshine in December 2012 in Gouda fell by 39.6 hours of sunshine in the normal category.

    Weather Station Gouda-north is part of Club Weather Gouda.


    Links to other weather sites Gouda:






    (Coornhert Gymnasium, Jan van Renesse Square, Gouda)


    December 2012 Weather Picture

    Saturday, December 1, 2012 In the night and daytime much rain. In the second half of the morning and the first half of the afternoon drying. In the second half of the afternoon occlussiepassage (no-sw oriented Obstruction) with rain in the evening rain showers passing. In the early evening at 18.45 hours a storm discharge.

    In the evening a hailstorm with hail pellet (5 mm.) (21:15).

    Sunday, December 2, 2012 During the night and morning heavy rain and hail, cumulonimbus (CB). In the afternoon periods of sunshine and a few light rain. In the evening wide spells, later clear and cold.

    Monday, December 3, 2012 In the course of the night, increasing clouds, stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU), occasionally also altocumulus (AC). In the early morning rain, at the end of the morning in grain hail passing. Around midday (12.00) transforms the grain hail to rain (drizzle). From about 14.00 dry. In the early evening a very brief light rain. Then stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU).

    No sun.

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Rain, stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST). Rain Showers, later clustered rain. For showers, cumulonimbus (CB). In the morning quite windy. Passage Obstruction ow oriented from north to south about pulling (delayed passage). South of the block polar air mass, north colder and drier air mass. Obstruction is located in the second half of the afternoon above the middle of the country. Little Sun

    Wednesday, December 5, 2012 During the night some time precipitation, rain and hail. Daytime cloudy, stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU), end morning and afternoon periods also with stratus (ST). At the end of the afternoon at 16.00 ± moderate / heavy rain. In the early evening a hailstorm (grain hail diameter ± 5 mm.). After wide spells.

    Thursday, December 6, 2012 Fairly bright night with stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU) and little wind, later a few snow showers. Daytime considerable periods of sun, stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU). From 15.00 increasing clouds, stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST). In the evening, some sunny spells. Broken snow.

    Friday, December 7, 2012 On the night periods of rain and sleet to about 5.15 hours. From 5.15 am transforms the wet snow to dry snow. In the early morning snow drift and pretty much wind. In the course of the morning still cloudy.

    Depth 4.5 cm. (= 5.4 mm. Precipitation). In the afternoon mostly dry with stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU) and occasionally some sun. In the evening very light snowfall.

    Saturday, December 8, 2012 On the night wide sunny spells and light frost. In the early morning ground fog. During the day, sunny, long time no wind. From 16.00 high clouds, cirrus (CI). In the evening rapidly increasing clouds. From 21.00 some time light rain.

    Sunday, December 9, 2012 In the night light rain by warm front passage. At the end of the morning cold front passage, causing the rain turns into rain. After cold front passage temporarily winds. At 16.10 a rain / hail. In the evening also a few rain / hail. Very few Sun

    Monday, December 10, 2012 In the night a few light rain showers, cumulonimbus (CB). Daytime cloudy, stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU) and some light / moderate rain showers, cumulonimbus (CB). To 14.50 hours a hailstorm, cumulonimbus (CB). In the evening cloudy, stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU).

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 Cold night with wide spells. By the end of the night, increasing clouds. At approximately 7:00 am a light snowfall. After cloudy and occasionally the Sun Just before 18:00 light / moderate snow. In the evening light frost and some sunny spells. At the end of the night again increasing clouds.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2012 During the night occasional light rain. Daytime cloudy and occasional sun, stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU), later also stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST).

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 During the night clouds fields, altocumulus (AC) / stratocumulus (SC). Daytime cloudy, altocumulus (AC) / stratocumulus (SC). Very few Sun

    Friday, December 14, 2012 During the night a few rain (precipitation: 0.2 mm.). In the second half of the afternoon long and pretty much rain with increasing wind. In the course of the evening drying, followed by widespread spells. Clouds: stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST), in prolonged rainfall nimbostratus (NS). In the night in a single rainstorm cumulonimbus (CB). Very little sun, 6 minutes).

    Saturday, December 15, 2012 Rain, stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST), later also stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU).

    Sunday, December 16, 2012 On the night periods of light (moths) rain. Daytime few light showers. It's day-to heavy overcast with a few brief spells. Clouds: stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST), sometimes with cumulus (CU). In a rainstorm, cumulonimbus (CB).

    Monday, December 17, 2012 During the night cloudy. In the course of the morning (clustered) rain. In the afternoon some light (loose) rain. Clouds: stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST).

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012 During the night (from the morning) moderate, sometimes heavy rain to around 9.00.

    After some brief spells interspersed with a few light rain showers. Clouds: stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST).

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 On the night formation of fog (visibility: <1000 m) during the day very slowly dissolving mist. In the afternoon after solving the fog, heavy mist (visibility: ± m). Clouds: stratus (ST), in the evening stratocumulus (SC). No sun.

    Thursday, December 20, 2012 All day-to heavy overcast, stratocumulus (SC). From 12.45 periods with light (mot-) rain.

    Friday, December 21, 2012 Cloudy night. In the early morning light rain. From 8.30 (around sunrise) formation of fog (visibility: between 300-500 meters) by intrusion of warmer air. The mist dissolves quickly around 12.30. Followed by temporary altocumulus (AC) / stratocumulus (SC), soon becoming stratus (ST). In the late afternoon light rain.

    Saturday, December 22, 2012 In the night a few light rain (precipitation: 1.4 mm.). In the morning first long dry and stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST). From 11.45 light drizzle. In the afternoon gradually becoming mostly cloudy. At the end of the afternoon also moderate / heavy rain. No sun.

    Sunday, December 23, 2012 During the night heavy rain (moderate / heavy rain), in the morning becoming light / moderate rain. From 10:15 dry (after 22.5 hours continuous rainfall).

    Then stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST),

    in the afternoon also stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU).

    Monday, December 24, 2012 During the night and early morning light for some time (moths) rain. Then dry with stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST). From the end of the afternoon increasing wind (including gusts). From approximately 23.30 times with light to moderate rain, stratocumulus (SC) / stratus (ST).

    Tuesday, December 25, 2012 On the night periods of mild / moderate (moths) rain. During the day a few rain and dry most of the time. From the second half of the afternoon with gusts much rain. Little Sun

    Wednesday, December 26, 2012 At the end of the night a heavy rainstorm. Daytime mostly dry. In the course of the afternoon increasing clouds. At 16.40 a light rain. In the evening, from about 19.30 light-to moderate rain and winds. Later in the evening dry.

    Thursday, December 27, 2012 All day-to heavy overcast.

    Just after midnight moderate rain.

    In the morning occasionally Sun

    From the end of the morning increasing clouds, stratocumulus (SC) / nimbostratus (NS).

    From approximately 14.30 light-to moderate rain.

    From about 17.30 dry, stratus (ST) / stratocumulus (SC).

    Friday, December 28, 2012 Wind Silent night with spells, stratocumulus (SC). Also in the morning sunny spells and cloud fields stratocumulus (SC) / altostratus (AS) and occasionally Sun From noon (± 12.00) light rain.

    In the afternoon it is approximately 7.0 degrees Celsius in the evening temperature rising to around 10.0 degrees Celsius at 23:00. Daytime increasing wind.

    In the late evening (± 22.30) a light rain.

    Saturday, December 29, 2012 In the night and daytime dry. wide spells and cloud fields, altocumulus (AC) / stratocumulus (SC), cumulus (CU) and cirrus (CI) alternate. To ± 13.40 a very bright linkerbijzon. To ± 14.20 hours rechterbijzon. In the evening from approximately 19.45 light rain. Around 21.25 hours even moderate rain. In the evening the temperature rises even slightly.

    Sunday, December 30, 2012 In a single night and afternoon light / moderate rain.

    Many wind. Daytime occasional sunny spells.

    Clouds: stratus (ST) / stratocumulus (SC) / cumulus (CU).

    Monday, December 31, 2012 Lots of wind. In the morning heavy overcast (stratocumulus (SC), sometimes altocumulus (AC)) / altostratus (AS). In the afternoon increasing (thickening cloud layers) cloud. From approximately 16.45 light rain later in the evening now and then becoming excessive rain. No sun.

    Sincerely, Jan Willem de Wit

    Weatherman RTV Gouwe City / Gouda FM / Weather Club Gouda

    Observer RTV West Broadcasting

    I: www.weerclubgouda.nl

    Weather cabin GPS coordinates: N 52.02282, E 4.71338

    Station GPS coordinates: N 52.02282, E 4.71335




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