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NOGAPS improvement

The Eagle

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  • Location: Co Dublin, Ireland
  • Location: Co Dublin, Ireland

Turning in to a model to watch. Real improvement and it's now a model I regularly go to for data. Even more so than GFS recently. Thought it was superb in January - more accurate than the "main" models at times.

Anyone else had their minds altered on this model? And why?

It's one of the big models now in my opinion. It's done very well. Whether this is the run up to NAVGEM or not I don't know but this is no longer a minor model by any means. But it is still volatile post 96 hrs. What do you think?

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Does this have anything to do with it showing cold charts this morning? biggrin.png

My opinion remains unchanged on NOGAPS I used it many times when tracking the recent Atlantic storms through some of December and January it done okay at times I wouldn't rate it as a really bad model or one of the best but still in the middle.

I hope when it updates during February it may be able to compete with the likes of the ECM, GFS and UKMO.

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I thought the improved NAVGEM model hasn't come yet and we still have the old NOGAPS.

Nothing to do with cold. It has been consistent. Far more so than GFS in my opinion. Particularly within 96 hours I think it has been superb.

The verification stats don't back that up and say the opposite, NOGAPS (FNMOC) way at the bottom of the pile at day 5 (120) as usual


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