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Space Radiation May Make Mars Missions Super-Risky For Astronauts


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    LOS ANGELES -- Astronauts traveling to and from Mars would be bombarded with as much radiation as they'd get from a full-body CT scan about once a week for a year, researchers reported Thursday.


    That dose would, in some cases, exceed NASA's standards and is enough to raise an astronaut's cancer risk by 3 percent.


    As plans for deep space exploration ramp up, radiation is a big concern – from high-energy galactic cosmic rays spewed by distant supernova explosions to sporadic bursts of charged particles hurled by the sun. Earth's magnetic field helps to deflect much of that harmful radiation.


    NASA aims to send a crew to orbit the red planet by the mid-2030s. Private outfits like Inspiration Mars – backed by NASA engineer-turned-space tourist Dennis Tito – are seeking volunteers for a Mars flight.




    The paper.






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    The risks may indeed be high - but then so are the rewards.Not sure if it'll put too many potential, space travellers and or explorer off in a hurry.

    Pushing the boundaries ever further is bound to raise a few more challenges along the way - things would be far too easy without them :)

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