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[Blog] Glastonbury Forecast 21 - 27th June


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Remember to keep in touch with the latest updates via the Net Weather twitter account which will publish a link to all new blog posts. This is the penultimate forecast for the festival, with the final one tomorrow.

Thursday 27 June

The main rain band has just been passed through Glastonbury at time of writing (5.10pm)

Further patchy rain is expected for the next few hours, with some heavier bit mixed in. This is likely to dampen things down somewhat and may lead to some mud in places, but given the dry ground conditions things should dry up over the weekend. Keep in touch with the latest conditions by looking at the Netweather free radar below.

Link to free Net Weather radar http://www.netweather.tv/secure/cgi-bin/premium.pl?action=radarv6;sess=15e6b621b68dfe2a3be341513d9ffd35

Friday 28 June

The High Pressure is set to be centred to the South West of the UK with winds from a North Westerly direction, and for pressure to be around 1022mb for South Western England, so very similar to what was suggested yesterday. Friday is expected to start rather damp and cloudy with perhaps a little bit of drizzle. The afternoon sees a drying and brightening, with the chance of decent bright/sunny spells into the evening. Big difference in the models for max temps, GFS says 22-23c, the Met Office says 17-18c

Morning Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)

Afternoon Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)

Saturday 29 June

The High Pressure is set to move closer to the UK on Saturday, with pressure around 1026mb, as a result the fronts are further north than over the past few days, with winds from a West to North West direction.

The air source is Tropical Maritime, so very mild but also damp. As a result a rather damp but warm start to the day, with a lot of cloud, possibly low cloud, during the day this is set to lift, with once again the chance of brighter/sunnier weather as we move into the afternoon/evening. Big difference in the models for max temps again, GFS says 21-22c, the Met Office say 18-19c

Morning Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)

Afternoon Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)

Sunday 29 June

The High Pressure set to edge back south again with pressure around 1020-1025mb with winds from a general westerly direction. Fronts are set to give Sunday a miss. Sunday looks set to follow the pattern of Friday and Saturday, rather cloudy and damp to start but more in the way of brightness/sunshine in the afternoon with Temps around 20-23c.

Morning Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)

Afternoon Runs (L-R, UKM, ECM, GFS)


The total rainfall chart 00Hz and 12Hz around 4-6mm over the course of the festival, the vast majority of this on Thursday. The ensembles largely in line with the op run.

The total rainfall chart shows that after today's rain, the rest of the festival is looking dry.

The ensembles shows the GFS op run is in line with the ensembles for the rest of the festival period.


For the rest of the festival, looking damp and cloudy in the morning, but an improving picture during the afternoon and evening, with more in the way of brighter/ sunnier spells and quite warm into each afternoon.

Any mud caused by today's rain is set to be drier out quite quickly over the rest of the festival.

Visit the NW Blog to view in full and post your comments / questions

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