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Viewing problems extra subscription forecasts

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My mobile phone is Samsung galaxy ace

Browser is dolphin

I cannot view extra subscription forecasts

For example I have clicked on next 48hr forecast for my town and sat 29/06 pm

All I get on a vertical alignment for my phone is data for 1300 1400 and 1500

I cannot swipe my finger on the right hand part of my screen from right to left to view the rest of the data

On a horizontal alignment for my phone all I get is the same as before plus data for 1600 and half the data for 1700

Any ideas why this is

This is definitely not an issue with my phone or browser - I can confirm that I have no issues at all with the radar and its features - it works perfect

It is something to do with the way the forecast data is entered on the site - it works fine on ipad and PC but mobile phone viewing of the data is a problem


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This has always happened to me

what I dont understand is that this is not a phone or browser issue - as the radar scrolling and viewing and selecting options works fine

Its something to do with the way the data is posted on the site

Please note this is a mobile only problem - ipad and desktop viewing of these forecasts works fine

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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

    I've had a look in to this and the problem appears to be with older versions of Android (2.3 downwards), if you're running that then unfortunately it doesn't support the swiping left and right that the forecasts currently use (regardless of browser), sorry. 

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