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Summaries and Statistics June 2013

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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

June 2013


Dry with near average temperatures


With just 2 inches rainfall this was the driest June since 2010 (41mm), only one day having above 10mm (13.6mm 27th). A warm, dry and sunny first 10 days, was followed by a changeable pattern of westerly winds and some rain at times. Nothing terribly spectacular temperature wise either, although it dropped to below 2c on the 25th with a late grass frost.


1st – 10th: Dry, very sunny and warm/ very warm. High pressure over or close to the UK, plentiful clear skies and sunshine for West Wales compared with the East! The first two days were cool but then maxima were between 20c and 25c. Several days had virtually unbroken sunshine. Nights were cool even with grass frosts 2nd to 4th.


11th – 16th: Atlantic lows brought much cooler and changeable conditions, rain or showers at times, and strong winds at times too, especially 14th.


17th – 19th: Rather warm and mainly dry with sunny spells.


20th – 23rd: Unsettled with some rain or showers at times, but no large amounts, became quite cool and windy over the weekend of 22nd / 23rd.


24th – 26th: Dry with sunny spells and near average temperatures, chilly nights.


27th: - 28th: Unsettled with rain at times, a little sunshine


29th – 30th: Dry with some sunshine, not so warm though.



Total rainfall: 50.1mm

Wettest day: 13.6mm 27th

Rain days >0.2mm: 13
Wet days >1.0mm: 9
Days of heavy rain >10mm: 1

Mean temperature: 13.3c

Mean Max: 18.7c

Mean Min: 7.9c


High Max: 24.8c 7th
Low Max: 12.7c 23rd
High Min: 12.7c 30th
Low Min: +1.8c 25th

Air frost: 0

Ground frost: 4

Mean RH: 82%

High RH: 98% various
Low RH: 29% 7th

Predominant wind directions: WSW

Mean pressure: 1018mbar
Max pressure: 1033mbar 3rd
Min pressure: 1002mbar 23rd


Days with:

Hail: 0
Gale: 0
Thunder: 0
Fog: 4

Fog at 0900: 0




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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

Weather for June 2013 at Cantley

A drier than average month-just, about average temperature but some cool dull days when the wind was off the North Sea, some very warm/hot days and one marked thunderstorm, the first for a long long time.

Mean temperature=15.4

Avge Max=20.4, warmest day=19th with 24.5, coldest day= 5th with 16.6

Avge Min=10.5, coldest night=6.4 on 4th and warmest night=15.9 on 19th

No air or ground frost, no snow, no hail or sleet days and no fog at 9am clock time

One day with thunderstorm

9 days with 1.0 mm or more, 11 with 0.2mm or more with the wettest day being 13th with 11.2mm.

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  • Location: Weston-S-Mare North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Hot sunny , cold and snowy, thunderstorms
  • Location: Weston-S-Mare North Somerset

June 2013


Mean 15.8c

Mean Minimum 11.3c

Mean Maximum 20.2c

Minimum 7.1c

Maximum 24.3c

Rain 36.0mm

Highest Gust 16.8mph

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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Continental winters & summers.
  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

June 2013 in YATTON, North Somerset:

Very similar to SteveB being just up the road. June was overall an average and rather boring month. The most remarkable weather was the concentration of unbroken sunshine in the first week. By the second week it had turned more unsettled with dribs and drabs of rain, the most significant coming from a line of heavy showers on the 15th. The warm and humid spell in the third week provided more in the way of sunshine than in many other places but failed to deliver any notable temperatures or thunderstorms. The final week was predominantly cloudy apart from unbroken sunshine on the 25th and lengthy spells of sunshine on the 29th. Fortunately, the unsettled spells haven't produced anything like the amount of rain of June 2012 or, to lesser extent, June 2011.

Average Max. Temp: 20.2C

Average Min. Temp: 10.6C

Average Month Temp: 15.4C

Highest Max. Temp: 26.1C (19th)

Lowest Max. Temp: 15.8C (16th & 23rd) both Sundays!

Highest Min. Temp: 13.8C (19th)

Lowest Min. Temp: 06.1C (25th)

Monthly Rainfall: 29.4mm

Wettest Day: 08.5mm (15th)

Monthly Sunshine: 172.4 hours

Sunniest Day: 14.8 hours (4th)

Days with no Sun: 2 (16th & 20th)

Average Sun per Day: 05.8 hours

Days with Rain: 7

Days with Snow: 0

Days with Hail: 0

Days with Frost: 0

Days with Thunder: 0

Thunderstorms: 0

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  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Location: Aberdeen

June here was the first month with above average mean temperature since March 2012, albeit by the narrowest of margins, bringing to an end 14 consecutive cooler than average months. The first summer month with above average sunshine since July 2009 and the first since July 2006 to be both drier and sunnier than average,


Mean Max: 16.3C (+0.2)

Mean Min: 8.8C (+0.1)

Mean Temp: 12.5C (+0.1)

Highest Max: 21.1C (30th)

Lowest Max: 10.8C (9th)

Highest Min: 11.4C (21st)

Lowest Min: 4.4C (3rd)


Rainfall: 21.2mm (39%)

Rain Days: 8

Wet Days: 6

Wettest Day: 7.0mm (23rd)


Sunshine: 186.9 hours (110%)

Sunniest day: 14.1 hours (3rd)

Sunless days: 1

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Posted Image

HOBART ( pop 215,000 ) is Tasmania's capital city, situated at sealevel at the base of Mt Wellington ( 1270m ). Climate is temperate with a strong maritime influence.


June - First month of winter

This was one of the warmest starts to a winter on record, with a mean temperature of more than +3C up until the 12th. Mild and dry air from the continent then shifted rather cold SE'ly, as a low pressure system formed in the Great Australian Bight, moved eastward, and then amplified over waters to Tasmania's north-east. With moist winds coming straight off the sea, a week of wintertime murk began with low cloud that enveloped the lower hills, with frequent showers and drizzle, some heavy at times. Light snow settled on occasion to above about the 1100m level. Days were 1 or 2 degrees below average and nights were 1 or 2 degrees above average due to extensive cloud cover . As the low barrelled off toward New Zealand, the trailing high established itself just off Tasmania's south coast which is its rarest position to be in,  and a week of frigid temperatures began. As skies cleared and wind speeds died off, overnight temperatures plunged to near zero ( but -5 to -10 inland ), and days struggled to warm under a persistent inversion layer with morning fog, despite sunny skies. This week proved to be the coldest in terms of mean temperature for 21 years in Hobart. As the month drew to a close milder air infiltrated from the west-north west.


The warm start dented the chance of this being a colder than average month. So this makes it the 20th month in a row in which mean temperature in Hobart has exceeded average ( 1981-2010 average ).


Average maximum:  13.0 ( +0.6 )

Average minimum:  6.1 ( +0.8 )

Rainfall:  51mm ( average 53mm )


Extremes in daily temperature for June ( Records since 1882 )


Highest maximum:  18.8 ( Record 20.6 in 1907 )

Lowest maximum:  7.9 ( Record 4.3 in 1985 )


Highest minimum:  10.5 ( Record 14.4 in 1957 )

Lowest minimum:  0.2 ( Record -2.8 in 1972 )

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

My statistics for central Reading in June 2013:Average maximum: 20.2Average minimum: 10.9Average for month: 15.5Highest maximum: 25.5 (June 19 & 30)Lowest maximum: 17.4 (9)Highest minimum: 17.6 (20)Lowest minimum: 6.0 (3)


Thunder recorded once on the 15th.  No frosts recorded.


Rainfall: approximately 25mm (Reading University site) - around 50% of average

Sunshine: approximately 190 hours (Reading University site) - close to average.


A dry month with near average temperatures and sunshine.  The first week was fine and sunny with cool nights, the middle of the month was generally rather cloudy and often humid with some rain which mostly fell overnight and the month ended with a warm and sunny weekend.  25 deg C was reached twice during the month - the first time it was reached this year, on 19 June, was unusually late.

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

Hedon, East Yorkshire.


June 2013


Warmest Max: 22.7°C (on 30/06/13)Coldest Max: 13.6°C (on 08/06/13)Warmest Min: 13.9°C (on 12/06/13)Coldest Min: 5.2°C (on 04/06/13)


Average Max: 17.5°C (-0.4°C Below 1981-2010 Average)Average Min: 10.2°C (-0.6°C Below 1981-2010 Average)Overall Average: 13.8°C (-0.6°C Below 1981-2010 Average)


Rain: 55.0mm (93% Of Normal)Wettest Day: 13th (16.2mm)Sunshine: 186 hours (101% Of Normal)


Air Frosts: 0Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 daysSnow lying at 0900: 0 daysDry Days: 17Wet Days: 13Days With Rain >1.0mm: 8Days With Rain >10mm: 2Thunder Days: 2Days With Fog: 0


Year 2013 So Far (Jan - Jun)


Warmest Max: 22.7°C (on 30/06/13)Coldest Max: -0.1°C (on 16/01/13)Warmest Min: 13.9°C (on 12/06/13)Coldest Min: -8.3°C (on 17/01/13)


Average Max: 10.4°C (-1.0°C Below Running 1981-2010 Average)Average Min: 4.3°C (-1.0°C Below Running 1981-2010 Average)Overall Average: 7.4°C (-0.9°C Below Running 1981-2010 Average)


Rain: 257.4mm (84% Of Normal)Wettest Day: 13/06/13 (16.2mm)Sunshine: 806 hours (102% Of Normal)


Air Frosts: 24Sleet/Snow Falling: 38 daysSnow lying at 0900: 18 daysDry Days: 74Wet Days: 107Days With Rain >1.0mm: 60Days With Rain >10mm: 7Thunder Days: 3Days With Fog: 10


The coolest June since 1997 and the lowest mean minima since 1996. Despite a mean maximum not too far from average, only four days surpassed 20°C and the highest temperature on the final day was the lowest high maximum in June since 2007. It was also the 11th consecutive below average month.


The month started predominantly settled with easterly winds. The first 7 days were very sunny but the sea breeze meant it was rather chilly. The mean max to the 10th was just 15.2°C and average temperature 11.5°C - the coldest since 1991. It was then almost constantly overcast for the period 8th-10th. Due to the anticyclonic weather it was at least very dry, with just 0.4mm in the first 11 days.


The dry weather changed spectacularly on the 13th as a thunderstorm brought 16.2mm of rain with a maximum rainrate of 225mm/hour, the highest Ive ever recorded. It caused localised flooding and power cuts. The following day thunder was heard again, but every shower missed this area and we saw just 0.2mm of rain. The changeable weather continued for the next couple of weeks with a mixture of dry days and occasional periods of rain. One consistent feature however was the lack of sunshine, with little in the way of clear weather. Even when the weather turned more settled in the final week, sunshine levels were still disappointing and as a result, despite being close to average sunshine overall it was still duller than 8 Junes in the last decade.


Overall, a pretty average affair here so close to the east coast, with supressed temperatures and less sunshine than areas further west and inland enjoyed.

Edited by reef
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Region Sunshine

Locla Stats based on Mumbles weather Station

Stats compared to 1981-2010 - 30 year average

Max Temps 17.2 (-0.5)

Min Temps 11.6 (0.2)

Rain 34.0mm (53% of average)


Dry Days: 17Wet Days: 13Days With Rain >1.0mm: 10 (+0.1 day)Days With Rain >10mm: 0


Sunshine 216hrs was recorded at Aberdaron and Regional averages.

Wales 200.3 115%

England SW & Wales S 207.5 109%

Edited by Jackone
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