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Help with forecast for 25 - 29 July


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I'm going to WOMAD festival 25-29 July. It's in Wiltshire.

I'm pretty obsessed with the weather generally but this becomes heightened when I'm about to spend 5 days in a tent.

I don't read models (well) so would love it if you could all help with forecasting for me.

I know it's still ages away in weather terms but I can't help myself.



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    most people on here can give you a forcast but it is all guesswork as if they were that good they would be billionaires!Do not worry about it now,get a few forcasts with a few days to go but even if the forcast is good you could always get caught out with a thunderstorm!be prepared and you wont go far wrong,try to pitch your tent on higher ground or away from natural dips.Enjoy and be safe.Have fun!!!! ps.get a head torch,they are brilliant,spare batteries,spare torch,loo roll,toothbrush

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