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Wildfires projected to worsen with climate change


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  • Location: Newbury, Berkshire. 107m ASL.

    Harvard model predicts wildfire seasons by 2050 will be three weeks longer, up to twice as smoky, and will burn a wider area in the western United States




    Without reading through the complete article, I concur that I believe wildfires are already having an impact. Not least, to the wildlife and human losses associated with them, but also the habitat destruction they inflict. Add to this, the fact that woodland/heathland regeneration can't keep pace and the changing global scale weather patterns and Arctic ice melt increases. I feel the futures for our wildlife and human inhabitants are indeed very bleak.


    I remain convinced however, that there is hope, when we can have sensible debate about the causes and put our words and ideas into action, collaboratively.



    Anyway, off to bed, time for a lie down.

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