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August 2013 Summaries and Statistics


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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

    August 2013 at Lampeter, Ceredigion: A typical Summer month


    Rain and temperatures were close to average; no real extremes of temperature and most of the rain fell in the first half, the second half being mostly dry. Sunshine was slightly below average (estimated). Unlike July, there was an absence of heat, no day exceeding 26c.


    1st – 3rd: Warm and breezy with sunny intervals and a few showers, nearby thunder on evening of 2nd


    4th – 5th: Cloudy and cool with spells of rain, some heavy, windy 5th, however nights were mild.


    6th – 8th: Mostly dry and rather warm with sunny spells.


    9th – 13th: Mostly dry but rather cool with limited sunny intervals. Breezy. Very cool night 12th down to 5.2c


    14th – 16th: Mostly cloudy with rain at times, some very heavy bursts (28.5mm 15th), Average to warm with the warmest night of Summer 14th, minimum 16.5c.


    17th – 21st: Mostly dry with sunny intervals and average temperatures.


    22nd: Very warm and sunny


    23rd –28th : Mostly dry with sunny spells, temperatures around average, but warm and sunny, max 23.2c 26th, and cool max 17.4c 24th - the lowest level since early July. Foggy during some early mornings.


    29th -31st : Mostly dry and breezy, limited sunshine except for 31st, rather warm, excepting 31st which was rather cool, coolest maximum of the month at 16.7c.




    Total rainfall: 81.9mm (91%)

    Wettest day: 28.5mm 15th

    Rain days >0.2mm: 14
    Wet days >1.0mm: 11
    Days of heavy rain >10mm: 2

    Max rate: 52mm/hr 16th

    Mean temperature: 15.8c

    Mean Max: 20.4c

    Mean Min: 11.1c


    High Max: 25.7c 22nd
    Low Max: 16.7c 31st
    High Min: 16.5c 15th
    Low Min: 5.2c 13th


    Estimated sunshine: 141 hours (89%)

    Max sun: 11 hours 26th

    Days without sunshine: 2

    Air frost: 0

    Ground frost: 0


    Mean RH: 82% (estimated)

    High RH: 99% various
    Low RH: 44% 22nd

    Predominant wind directions: WSW
    Mean wind speed: 4.0mph

    Max gust: 39mph 5th

    Mean pressure: 1017mbar (estimated)
    Max pressure: 1028mbar 20th
    Min pressure: 1003mbar 2nd



    Days with:

    Hail: 0
    Gale: 0
    Thunder: 1
    Fog: 4

    Fog at 0900: 0

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    Cantley August data

    Some very warm days and muggy nights; overall temperature values above average; below average rainfall with one very wet day, and 2 thunderstorm days.


    Mean T=18.5(17.5)

    Avge Max=23.6(22.3) highest daytime value=31.6 (1st), lowest=19.1 (31st)

    Avge Min=13.4(12.0) lowest night time=8.9(31st), warmest night=17.2 (1st)


    Rainfall=29.0mm with 18.4mm on 24th; 8 days with 0.2 mm or more and 4 with 1.0mm or more.

    2 days with thunder, 1 day with fog at 0900 clock time; no snow, frost, hail.

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

    My statistics for central Reading in August 2013:Average maximum: 23.1Average minimum: 14.4Average for month: 18.7Highest maximum: 32.3 (August 1)*Lowest maximum: 8.8 ( 8 )*Highest minimum: 17.3 (22)Lowest minimum: 20.3 (13 & 24)


    *Readings from 1-8 August are taken from the Reading University web site - was away and don't have data logging equipment.  In general recorded maxima here are similar to those at the university site and minima slightly higher.


    No thunder recorded.Rainfall: Reading University shows around 30mm for the month, about 60% of the long-term average.

    Sunshine: Reading University shows around 215 hours for the month, about 110% of the long-term average.

    A dry, warm and sunny month with a hot start and a number of warm nights.  After the very hot first day maxima were generally slightly above average.

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania

    Posted Image


    HOBART ( pop 215,000 ) is Tasmania's capital city, situated at sealevel at the base of Mt Wellington ( 1270m ). Climate is temperate with a strong maritime influence.


    August - Final month of winter

    The 'Roaring 40s' were in full swing for much of the month - embedded fronts in a vigorous westerly airstream crossing Tasmania at regular intervals. Rain and storms in the exposed west, moderating to showers for Hobart in the sheltered southeast. Often windy, with snow settling at times above about the 800m level, lowering to the 400m level on the 20th. It was the aftermath of this colder change which gave Hobart the surprise event of the winter...the lowest recorded temperature for August in 51 years.


    A more settled theme developed in the final days of the month, as high pressure reasserted control, moving from central Australia to the northeast of the state, with milder air drawn down from the continent. The temperature rise was significant enough to make this a slightly milder month than average ( 1981-2010 comparison ). Hobart now has not had a below average temperature month since October 2011.


    Average maximum:  14.2 ( +0.5 )

    Average minimum:  5.7 ( -- )

    Rainfall:  61mm ( average 54mm )

    Rain days ( +1mm ):  13/from 20


    Extremes in daily temperature for August ( Records since 1882 )


    Highest maximum:  19.7 27th ( Record 24.5 in 1977 )

    Lowest maximum:  9.8 20th ( Record 5.5 in 1974 )


    Highest minimum:  10.3 25th ( Record 15.0 in 2005 )

    Lowest minimum:  -0.4 21st ( Record -1.8 in 1962 )


    The last 4 seasons

    Mean Temperature anomoly (1981-2010 comparison ) + Rainfall % of mean, full record set ( 1884-2012 )


    Spring 2012:  +0.5C Rainfall 73%

    Summer 2012/13:  1.3C Rainfall 39%

    Autumn 2013:  +0.8C Rainfall 71%

    Winter 2013:  +0.8C Rainfall 133%

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  • Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex (work in Mid Sussex)
  • Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex (work in Mid Sussex)


    England and Wales had the driest and sunniest August since 2007, and the south-east of England was particularly fine for much of the month. It was the warmest August across the country since 2004, although after the hottest day for seven years on 1 August, temperatures were fairly close to average for the rest of the month, though often quite warm in the south and east. This reasonably fine August rounded off the driest, warmest and sunniest summer since 2006.

    The mean maximum temperature ranged from 24.4C at Heathrow (London) to 14.4C at Fair Isle (Northern Isles). The Central England Temperature (CET) of 18.1C was 0.6 degrees above average, the highest in August since 2004. Daytime temperatures were within 0.5 degrees of average except in East Anglia and the south-east, where they were 1.0 to 1.5 degrees above. The highest recorded temperature was 34.1C at Heathrow (London) on 1 August, the highest temperature recorded in the UK since July 2006. The month's lowest temperature was 0.2C at Kinbrace (Sutherland) early on 5 August.
    Posted Image
    Averaged across England and Wales there was 63mm of rain, which is 87% of the average, though some western areas were rather wet. Nationally, it was the driest August since 2007, but Norfolk and Hampshire were particularly dry. Scotland had 61mm, which is 83% of the average, while Northern Ireland had 74mm, or 104% of the average. The wettest location was Capel Curig (Gwynedd) with 175mm and the driest was Yeovilton (Somerset) with 14mm. The heaviest daily fall was 101mm on the 24 August at Heybridge (Essex).
    England and Wales had an average of 189 hours of sunshine, which is 96% of the average and yet it was the sunniest August since 2007, an indication of the indifference of recent Augusts. Scotland was also rather dull with 131 hours, or 87% of its average. Northern Ireland averaged 134 hours, which is 82% of the average. The largest monthly sunshine total was 303 hours at St. Helier (Jersey); 300 hours of sunshine is rarely exceeded around the British Isles.





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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

    August 2013


    Warmest Max: 26.5°C (on 01/08/13)Coldest Max: 18.8°C (on 10/08/13) - highest on recordWarmest Min: 18.3°C (on 02/08/13) - highest since 1991Coldest Min: 9.3°C (on 08/08/13)


    Average Max: 22.2°C (+1.8°C Above 1981-2010 Average)Average Min: 13.5°C (+0.6°C Above 1981-2010 Average)Overall Average: 17.8°C (+1.2°C Above 1981-2010 Average)


    Rain: 25.0mm (42% Of Normal)Wettest Day: 24th (11.2mm)Sunshine: 205 hours (111% Of Normal)


    Air Frosts: 0Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 daysSnow lying at 0900: 0 daysDry Days: 19Wet Days: 12Days With Rain >1.0mm: 6Days With Rain >10mm: 1Thunder Days: 0Days With Fog: 2


    Year 2013 So Far (Jan - Aug)


    Warmest Max: 26.9°C (on 18/07/13)Coldest Max: -0.1°C (on 16/01/13)Warmest Min: 18.3°C (on 02/08/13)Coldest Min: -8.3°C (on 17/01/13)


    Average Max: 13.4°C (-0.3°C Below Running 1981-2010 Average)Average Min: 6.6°C (-0.6°C Below Running 1981-2010 Average)Overall Average: 10.0°C (-0.4°C Below Running 1981-2010 Average)


    Rain: 305.0mm (72% Of Normal)Wettest Day: 13/06/13 (16.2mm)Sunshine: 1260 hours (107% Of Normal)


    Air Frosts: 24Sleet/Snow Falling: 38 daysSnow lying at 0900: 18 daysDry Days: 113Wet Days: 130Days With Rain >1.0mm: 70Days With Rain >10mm: 9Thunder Days: 7Days With Fog: 13


    The driest August since 1995 and sunniest since 2006. The mean temp was exactly the same as 2009, but together they were both the warmest since 1997. Apart from a few days, maximum temperatures were generally 2-3 degrees either side of average, but the month was generally homogeneously warm. Only 5 days failed to reach 20°C.


    The first week was very warm with high temperatures on the first two days. The mean temperature for the first 5 days was 20.3°C. The maxima of 26.5°C on the 1st was actually the warmest in August since 2006 and was rather uncomfortable due to a dewpoint which peaked at 21.0°C - the highest Ive ever recorded. The following night was very warm aswell, with a temperature of 22.6°C at 2am. The minimum that morning was eventually 'only' 18.3°C, but still comfortably the warmest in August since 1991 and only 0.4°C short of the record.


    The remainder of the month was generally westerly but very dry. Only 13.8mm of rain fell in the first 23 days. Clear and sunny days throughout were almost non-existent, but days with broken cloud and long spells of sunshine rather common. The final week was then much more settled with cooler nights and fog at times. Temperatures were closer to the average and there was more in the way of sunshine. However the month finished dry again, with July and August combined ending up as the driest since 1976.


    Overall, a rather good summer month which was warmer, drier and sunnier than average. Summer as a whole was the sunniest and warmest since 2006 and driest since 1995.

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