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  • Location: Hereford
  • Weather Preferences: Snow
  • Location: Hereford

just wondered if anyone could give me an idea of if there will be any electrical storms tonight in Hereford.


got a bit of work to do tonight but dont want to do large uploading tasks if l have to stop mid-way if lightning starts (l had to send my xbox in for repair weeks after getting a new one last storm in july so dont want to chance it this time for something else to go lol).


main reason l ask is that the will it thunder page gives a 72% chance for it while the met office changed its regional prediction, l did check earlier and apart from the cost nowhere locally around me has anything higher than 52% possibility of anything kicking off.


that being said it looks like things are calming down looking at  blitzortung and that the weather has only really hit the south coast, london and other eastern areas so far, lm hoping the chances are pretty low of venturing further west.

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