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Have just bought a Climemet CM9088 wireless forecast station to replace an old Oregon unit.

I need to situate the sensor ,ideally on a north facing wall and although these sensors are apparently shower resistant I'm toying with the idea of placing it in an old take away plastic container (much like a Tuppaware container), cutting a small hole in it to allow air to circulate,and then position this under the eaves of my garage.

Is this plan sensible,would the sensor work ok in the plastic container?


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  • Location: North York Moors

    It's not a bad idea as when it's bright it can still be heated by scattered or reflected radiation, and when it's clear and cold it will read too low - more like a ground temp. If it gets wet your reading will be affected too.
    You want to shield it but allow as much ventilation as possible through any container, bear in mind warmer air rises so you want exits near the top with similar area to the entry points.
    You might look out for white plastic vent covers with louvre effect, not cheap as chips but inexpensive and might turn up in a skip Posted Image 

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