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Hurracines - everything we know about them - data for simulation required!


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I am writing with request for some data related to hurracines and cyclons for my university project. Project is a hurricane 2d simulation written in C++/Qt. The biggest problems we already have concern matematical aspect of phenomena.


First of all, we need to know what size of hurricane depends on? I know that size of hurricane is related to temperature of water but I don't know if there are any matematical formulas exist which can help me?


Secondary, I have to know something about huriccane path (routes). Do them move from higher pressure areas tolower?



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  • Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex (work in Mid Sussex)
  • Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex (work in Mid Sussex)
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Thanks! It should be helpful. I did not mention that this simulation shuld be simple but the basic phisics laws have to be preserved. What we need to know before implementation is:


1. How to calculate radius of hurricane (and dependences between radius, pressure and water temperature)

2. What calculate first?

3. It is small student project, we have less than 2 weeks that's why we try to avoid such complicated formulas like in article, you have presented.


Look at that:



We have here simple picture which presents how wind and pressure behave in cyclon. We thought, we could use it to write a simple matematical functions to calculate wind and pressure having a radius. But still we need to relate wind and pressure. If, we have a radius, we will can calculate wind and pressure (but we still have to match a scale, calculate minimal/maximal wind and pressure). Basic relations

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