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Attack of the drones: UFO Invasion 5 April 2014...


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  • Location: Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms, squally fronts, snow, frost, very mild if no snow or frost
  • Location: Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)

    This sounds exciting to watch but would likely set off something huge in the media and possibly a mass scare/fear in some areas around the world especially in areas that do not get much news and so not know it's a hoax. Certainly going to be interesting though.


    http://uk.news.yahoo.com/-alien-invasion--to-launch-in-april---but--ufos--will-be-glowing-drones-piloted-by-hoaxers-084204169.html#1tDDf4z  - Yahoo news.


    Read some other information on this project or experiment:





    The goal is maximum panic  - from Yahoo! news

    This is a quite concern at what could happen during the event, and shouldn't be taken lightly, especially when a statement like this is made and the intentions they have (the organizers of event)


    My idea with this interesting experiment is it is a psychological reactive experiment - to find out how people react to such events, but mostly due to and thankfully due to the Internet/media many a word gets around that it is not an attack or invasion from space by other beings but a hoax.


    What do you think of this and how are people likely to react?  should it go ahead or be banned? should the event be allowed only in places that know about it to avoid panic? 



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  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.
  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.

    Something like this happened in the 40`s/50`s in America,I can`t find it now but then that's when a whole wrath of UFO movies suddenly came out,I`ve read it a few times.

    Orson welles.


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  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.
  • Location: Powys Mid Wales borders.

    Mysterious UFO Photos Found in Documents Leaked by Snowden.


    Watson says, “The main evidence for the cover-up of UFO reports and manipulation of UFO beliefs, as revealed by the documents released by Edward Snowden, is contained in a Powerpoint presentation called, ‘The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations’. 


    Cigar shaped UFO in Ukraine.


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  • Location: swansea craig cefn parc 160 m asl
  • Location: swansea craig cefn parc 160 m asl

    Cotton wool balls mistaken for UFO"s 

    Posted Image



    Not only is the Farmington / Four Corners region of New Mexico known for large hominids and shapeshifting Skinwalkers…but it is also the location of a mass UFO sighting in March 17, 1950, Some people have referred to the incident as ‘the most spectacular UFO sighting in U.S. history’:
    Crafts Seen By Hundreds – Speed Estimated at 1000 MPH, Altitude 20,000 feet

    For the third consecutive day flying saucers have been reported over Farmington. And on each of the three days their arrival here was reported between 11 and noon.
    Three persons called the Daily Times office to report seeing strange objects in the air just before noon.
    Persons along Main Street once again could be seen looking skyward and pointing.
    High winds and a dust storm prevented clear vision.
    Fully half of this town’s population still is certain today that it saw space ships or some strange aircraft — hundreds of them zooming through the skies yesterday. Estimates of the number ranged from & quotes several to more that 500. Whatever they were, they caused a major sensation in this community, which lies only 110 air miles northwest of the huge Los Alamos Atomic installation.
    The objects appeared to play tag high in the air. At times they streaked away at almost unbelievable speeds. One witness did a triangulation sighting on one of the objects and estimated its speed at about 1,000 miles an hour, and estimated its size as approximately twice that of a B-29.
    Farmington citizens stood in the streets yesterday watching the first reported mass “flying saucer†flight ever sighted. Traffic was slowed to avoid hitting sky gazers. The office of the Farmington Daily Times was deluged with calls from persons who saw the objects.
    A Red Leader
    Scores described the objects as silvery discs. A number agreed they saw one that was red in color — bigger and faster, and apparently the leader.
    Clayton J. Boddy, 32, business manager of Farmington Times and a former Army Engineers captain in Italy, was one of those who saw the startling objects.
    Boddy was on roadway when all of a sudden I noticed a few moving objects high in the sky.
    “Moments later there appeared what seemed to be about 500 of them,†Boddy continued. He could not estimate their size or speed, but said they appeared to be about 15,000 feet high.
    Boddy’s account was confirmed by Joseph C. and Francis C. Kelloff, retail grocers from Antonito, Colo., who were in Farmington to inspect the site of a proposed new store, and by Bob Foutz and John Burrell of Farmington. The Kelloffs said the objects appeared to be flying in formation.
    One of the most impressive accounts came from Harold F. Thatcher, head of the Farmington unit of the Soil Conservation service. Thatcher made a triangulation on one of a number of flying craft, He said if it had been a B-29 it would have been 2,000 feet high and traveling more than 1000 miles per hour.

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  • Location: North York Moors
  • Location: North York Moors


    This is a typically rambling and ambiguos article, but it sounds like a well reported mystery object which 'vanished' in the 1960s has been re-discovered
    Modern analysis might be interesting
    This is in the area where Fylingdales raydomes were being built, which no doubt inspired imaginative sightings and and some hoaxes

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