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Sunny bone dry March of 1929

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    After the severe winter of 1928-29 came March 1929, which was an exceptionally dry month, 2nd driest March on record for England and Wales with a total of just 8.0mm

    Rainfall in terms of % of 1881-1915

    England and Wales: 13%

    Scotland: 24%

    Ireland: 24%

    Rainfall totals in inches

    Camden Square: 0.1

    Reigate: 0.2

    Brighton: 0.8

    High Wycombe: 0.6

    Oxford: 0.8

    Cambridge: 0.3

    Chelmsford: 0.6

    Norwich: 0,7

    Devizes: 0.16

    Plymouth: 0.75

    Penzance: 0.54

    Church Stretton: 0.33

    Birmingham Edgbaston: 0,16

    Boston: 0,28

    Worksop: 0.6

    Runcorn: 0.57

    Southport: 0.84

    Scarborough: 0.13

    Middlesbrough: 0.11

    Carlisle: 0.61

    Cardiff: 0.59

    Aberystwyth: 0.84

    Llandudno: 0.17

    Dumfries: 0.77

    Eskdalemuir: 1.10

    Edinburgh: 0.2

    Glasgow: 0.9

    Oban: 1.62

    Tiree: 0.69

    Dundee: 0.42

    Braemar: 0.31

    Aberdeen: 0.22

    Ullapool: 1.96

    Stornaway: 1.23

    Wick: 0.88

    Lerwick: 1.20

    Valentina: 1.37

    Waterford: 1.01

    Dublin: 0.22

    Galway: 1.15

    Enniskillen: 0.20

    Armagh: 0.32

    Belfast: 0.81

    Londonderry: 0.85

    Another feature was how sunny it was

    Totals in hrs

    Stornoway: 131 +26

    Aberdeen: 145 +28

    Dublin: 201 +78

    Valentina: 197 +74

    Liverpool: 180 +72

    Kew: 146 +41

    There was wide diurnal temperature ranges during the months with numerous locations going from subzero to high teens on a number occasions.

    21C was reached at Hull and Norwich on the 9th, 25C at Wakefield on the 29th

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  • Location: Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine and 15-25c
  • Location: Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)

    looks a lot like this March here in Edmonton without the warmth obviously ..have recorded just 2mm of precip this month which is 0.08 inches ..its been quite sunny but very cold at night 

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