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many of us are now aware of the changing climate and trying to help the environment, but is it working, i have done everything such as recycle, make sure there is no waste, switch off appliances and still the sea levels are rising and our very mild winter is not good, what else can we do to stop the sea levels rising, is there hope for us in the future? has the jetstream moved for good and will the wet winter continue, into summer, what earthquake or hurricane is on the way for us?

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The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is not going to decrease in the next 1000 or so years unless we can find a way of effectively scrubbing it out so at the moment we are likely to keep our 400 ppm for the foreseeable future. If anything global temps will continue to rise since these lag behind the increase of this gas, so in all likelihood there will be an increase by the end of the century of +2C even if we managed to maintain the present CO2 level. However if we carried on with 'business as usual' the experts forecast a possible increase of global temps of some 6C by the end of the century, with possibly 'tipping points' reached through decreased albino effects by the loss of ice which can make the matter worse.

In short there is no quick solution so all we can do really is to make sure we do not make conditions worse for future generations but at some time in the future there is likely to be climate change caused through natural cycles as they have done in the past though the hope is that by then we will have learned much more and in a position to moderate these.

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