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Extracting a dataset from GFS GRIB

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  • Location: London



    Is there any guidance on how one should go about extracting wind velocity vectors from an upper air dataset contained in an historical GFS GRIB over a given region? I have access to a copy of Matlab and should prefer if the raw data could be output to an Excel file if it's possible.


    Would appreciate any tips.





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  • Location: Pendlebury, Salford
  • Location: Pendlebury, Salford

    The Wind dataset in a GRIB file should be stored as 'U' and 'V' components.


    Extracting the Speed is then SQR(U^2 + V^2)


    Extracting the Direction a bit more complex:


    (180 / PI) * ATN( U / V)


    But then adjust the angle relative to North as follows:


    If V > 0 Add 180

    if U>0 and V<0 Add 360

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