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July 2014 statistics and summaries


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  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)
  • Location: Llanwnnen, Lampeter, Ceredigion, 126m asl (exotic holidays in Rugby/ Coventry)

Very dry, warm and quite sunny


An excellent Summer month with lots of dry and warm weather. The second half was very warm and sunny with the hottest spell of weather since July 2013. It was the driest July since 2006 (30.4mm) and driest month of any name since March 2012 (28mm) the total rainfall of 34.6mm being a mere 34% of the local LTA. There was a high incidence of early morning fog - 8 mornings although none of it lasted until 0900 GMT (the webcam helping considerably with early morning fog observations!)


1st – 2nd: Dry, warm and quite sunny.


3rd – 8th: Unsettled, some rain or showers with cool to average temperatures, apart from a sunny 6th it was a rather cloudy spell. However some very cool and clear nights with minima of 3.2c and 4.2c on the 6th and 7th respectively


9th – 11th: Dry and became warm and quite sunny after a cool 9th.


12th – 16th: Rather cloudy with a little rain at times, temperatures close to average


17th – 22nd: Warm or very warm, mostly dry with sunny intervals/ spells. Spectacular thunderstorm in the early hours of 18th but little rain, and again a little distant thunder heard 19th. Notably warm night of 18th with 17.8c being the highest minimum at this site in 9 years observations (previous record 17.2c).


23rd – 26th: Dry, hot and sunny, the hottest weather since July 2013. 28c exceeded each day peaking at 29.5c 25th. At least the nights got down below 15c through this hot spell.


27th – 31st: Mostly dry and rather warm with sunny spells. Temperatures returned closer to average to end the month, still some very pleasant weather and the only rain being in the form of showers 28th. 30th was a warm and quite sunny day. Showers in the early hours of the new month took the rainfall total above July 2006's 30.4mm and so it was prevented from being the driest July (SRB 2006).



Total rainfall: 34.6mm

Wettest day: 12.2mm 4th

Rain days >0.2mm: 12
Wet days >1.0mm: 10
Days of heavy rain >10mm: 1

Mean temperature: 16.4c

Mean Max: 22.1c

Mean Min: 10.6c


High Max: 29.5c 25th
Low Max: 16.8c 4th
High Min: 17.8c 19th
Low Min: 3.2c 6th


Estimated sun: 193hr

Max sun: 14 hours 25th

Days no sun: 0

Ground frost: 0

Mean RH: 81%

High RH: 100% vs
Low RH: 39% 25th

Predominant wind directions: NNW
Mean wind speed: 4.4mph

Max gust 28mph 14th

Mean pressure: 1016mbar
Max pressure: 1025mbar 22nd
Min pressure: 998mbar 5th


Days with:

Hail: 0
Gale: 0
Thunder: 2
Fog: 8

Fog at 0900: 0


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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Posted Image

31st reading should be 7.8


Hobart , Tasmania - July ( Second month of winter )

Continuing warmer than average, the 8th month in a row with a mean temperature exceeding 1981-2010 comparison. After 7 drier than average months in a row, this month was wet.


Average daily maximum: 13.4 ( +1.1 )

Average daily minimum: 5.9 ( +1.0 )

Rainfall:  96mm ( average 53mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ):  7/from 12


High pressure centered to the north extended a settled ridge south, offering many mild days this month with winds off the continent, with only very brief cold changes cutting thru from the south-west. Light snow behind these changes, settling near 600m. A low pressure system forming over waters to the east brought the years wettest day on the 6th ( 26mm ), but easterly winds off the ocean are too mild for elevated snow.   But at the end of the month, a series of very intense lows passing well to the south brought increasingly windy conditions, with embedded fronts bringing bands of rain, together with progressively colder air with snow descending to the 400m level on the 31st. Significant snow on the mountain range by nightfall in a wintry end to July.


Extremes in daily temperature for July ( Records since 1882 ):

Highest maximum:  17.5...3rd ( Record 22.1 in 1901 )

Lowest maximum:  7.8...31st ( Record 4.7 in 1888 )


Highest minimum:  10.9...3rd ( record 12.9 in 1985 )

Lowest minimum:  1.9...22nd ( record -2.8 in 1981)

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

Cantley July 2014 weather summary


A very warm month with the 3rd warmest mean temperature in 18 years and the 2nd highest avge max. Two storms on Saturday 19th gave 33.3mm. Only the floods of 2006 in this area show a higher 24 hour total (58.0mm)


Mean T=19.4(17.3)

Avge Max=25.1(21.8 ); highest day=26th with 30.3 and warmest night=13th with 17.4

Avge Min=13.8 (12.8 ); coldest night=7th with 10.0 and coldest day=6th with 20.7


Rainfall=51.8 (10 year avge=47.7); wettest=19th with 33.6mm; 11 days with 0.2mm or more and 5 with 1.0mm or more


No frost, snow, 1 0900 reading with fog and 2 days with thunder


corrected, thank Int for spotting my error

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Mean T=19.4(17.3)

Avge Max=25.1(21.8 ); highest day=26th with 30.3 and coldest day=6th with 20.7

Avge Min=13.8 (12.8 ); coldest night=7th with 10.0 and coldest day=6th with 20.7



The coldest day is repeated, was one intended to be the highest min?

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

Hedon, East Yorkshire.


July 2014


Warmest Max: 26.8°C (on 26/07/14)Coldest Max: 14.6°C (on 10/07/14)Warmest Min: 16.2°C (on 20/07/14)Coldest Min: 8.4°C (on 02/07/14)


Average Max: 22.0°C (+1.4°C Above 1981-2010 Average)Average Min: 13.4°C (+0.4°C Above 1981-2010 Average)Overall Average: 17.7°C (+0.9°C Above 1981-2010 Average)


Rain: 57.0mm (105% Of Normal)Wettest Day: 10th (23.4mm)Sunshine: 248 hours (125% Of Normal)


Air Frosts: 0Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 daysSnow lying at 0900: 0 daysDry Days: 17Wet Days: 14Days With Rain >1.0mm: 8Days With Rain >10mm: 2Thunder Days: 4Days With Fog: 3


Year 2014 So Far (Jan - Jul)


Warmest Max: 26.8°C (on 26/07/14)Coldest Max: 5.2°C (on 21/01/14)Warmest Min: 16.2°C (on 20/07/14)Coldest Min: -2.1°C (on 21/01/14)


Average Max: 14.4°C (+1.7°C Above Running 1981-2010 Average)Average Min: 7.2°C (+0.8°C Above Running 1981-2010 Average)Overall Average: 10.8°C (+1.3°C Above Running 1981-2010 Average)


Rain: 391.0mm (110% Of Normal)Wettest Day: 10/07/14 (23.2mm)Sunshine: 1036 hours (105% Of Normal)


Air Frosts: 8Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 daysSnow lying at 0900: 0 daysDry Days: 92Wet Days: 120Days With Rain >1.0mm: 74Days With Rain >10mm: 5Thunder Days: 11Days With Fog: 22


A second consecutive warm and sunny July, though much wetter than last year. At 248 hours of sunshine, it was just one hour less than last year, making it the 3rd sunniest summer month in the last 15 years. Mean maximum temperatures were well above average, but due to winds having a persistent easterly component the absolute maximum was unspectacular. Indeed, despite 25 days of the month surpassing 20°C, only two managed to top 25°C. The month was slightly wetter than average, but nearly two thirds of the rainfall fell on two days.


The month could roughly be divided into two halves. The first 15 days had close to average temperatures and were wet at times. Apart from a few occasions minima were generally average or below and maxima a few degrees either side of average. The 10th however was a particularly poor day, with almost 10 hours of rain and 23.2mm in total, making it the wettest day since 26th August 2012. The maximum temperature was also only 14.6C, the second lowest of the last decade. The 13th was another wet day with 12.0mm, but this was in the form of heavy showers in the early hours and evening.


There was then an abrupt change from mid-month with things turning warmer, drier and sunnier. Every day from the 12th onwards apart from the 23rd surpassed 20°C and 7 out of 8 days from the 19th-27th saw minima above 15°C. Rain fell on just 4 days from the 14th and the last 12 days were exceptionally sunny.


Overall a pleasant month with consistently warm weather rather than any real hot spell.

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

My statistics for central Reading in July 2014:Average maximum: 24.7Average minimum: 14.3Average for month: 19.5Highest maximum: 28.2 (July 24)Lowest maximum: 20.2 (5)Highest minimum: 18.4 (19)Lowest minimum: 10.3 (14)Thunder heard on 4 days. 

Unfortunately the Reading university weather station's website is down at present so I don't have any reliable local rainfall or sunshine figures.


The kind of July I'd expect many would like - generally warm, dry and sunny with some thundery days.  The 12th to 27th was a particularly warm and dry spell, interrupted by some spectacular thunderstorms - in particular a prolonged storm in the early hours of the 19th.


Unusually, despite being a warm summer month 30 deg C wasn't reached here; the highest recorded temperature this year (so far) of 28.2 is the lowest I can remember, particularly notable since this summer has been warm.

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine, convective precipitation, snow, thunderstorms, "episodic" months.
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Statistics for Sandhutton, July 2014


Mean Maximum Temperature 23.4°C 

Mean Minimum Temperaature  12.9°C 

Mean Temperature 18.1°C 


Highest Maximum   29.6°C  26th

Lowest Maximum 18.9°C  8th

Highest Minimum 17.0°C  13th

Lowest Minimum 8.3°C   7th

No. of Air Frosts 0  

Ice days (max < 0°C) 0  


Total Precipitation   49.5mm  

Highest daily precipitation total   16.0mm   4th

Days with >= 0.2mm precipitation   10

Days with >= 1mm precipitation 7  

Mean sea-level pressure 1015.6hPa  

Days with sleet or snow falling 0  

Days of >50% snow cover at 0900 0  

Largest snow depth at 0900   0cm   1


Days with fog at 0900 0  

Days with thunder heard   1  

Days with large hail (>5mm) 0  

Days with small hail (<5mm)   0          


I fitted a manual rain gauge to the site at the end of June, so the rainfall statistics are based on the readings from the manual gauge.  The automatic rain gauge recorded just 35mm.  The area of the back garden surrounding the main screen gets anomalously warm at around 4-6pm at this time of year which means that the mean maximum temperature may be on the high side.


This was another warm month, but not as warm as July 2013.  The first half of the month was quite changeable but with some dry bright days, and it was very wet overnight 4th/5th.  There was a lot of warm sunny weather in the second half, particularly the 21st-26th.  A thunderstorm came up from the south on the 19th, with frequent thunder and lightning as it approached, although the electrical activity died out as it passed overhead.  Although there were only 10 days with measurable rain, due to a few heavy rainfall events, the month's rainfall total was not far short of what we would normally expect for the time of year.

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