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The remarkable November of 1899


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    November 1899 was a very mild month with a CET of 8.5. The first third of the month was very wet but the rest of the month was almost completely dry leading to a distortion in the monthly figures.

    Reports from this month.

    Camden Square: a remarkable November, total rainfall 79% above the average but there was an absolute drought for 19 days. Temperatures rose above 50F on 24 days and 60F in 3 days

    Tenterden: very wet from 2nd to 9th but absolute drought from 15th to 30th with scarcely any sunshine

    Hartley Witney: the whole of the rain fell in the first 10 days, the remaining 20 being very fine and dry though dull.

    Winslow: the first part of the month was wet and stormy but not a drop after the 11th.

    Norwich: dahlias in bloom in the open at the close.

    Torquay: mean temp of 50.8F

    Launceston: the first 10 days were wet and stormy: the remainder of the month was remarkable for general calm and absence of strong winds.

    Church Stretton: the early part of the month was wild and stormy but scarcely any rain after the 11th

    Haverfordwest: from the 1st to the 10th, the weather was wet and stormy but from that date to the end every day was fine

    Cargen: November opened with a spell of wet boisterous weather which continued until the 11th, when exceptionally fine weather set in and lasted the remainder of the month. The mean temp of the last week was 50.5F. Almost no frost during the month.

    Edinburgh: no frost, temp above 50F on 23 days

    Darrynane Abbey: 2.14" of rain from 1st to 10th, the rest of the month was very fine and warm and many days were quite spring like.

    Dublin: mean temp of 50.7F



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  • Location: Ireland, probably South Tipperary
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  • Location: Ireland, probably South Tipperary

    Here's the CET for November 1899 compared to the stats up to that year, and below that, compared to stats up to the modern day.





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