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2nd hand dslr advice

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Hello all,


I have asked this on ukww and thought I would ask here too.

Im looking to buy my first dslr and want one that also shoots full hd video and although not necessary it would be nice if it also shot true slo mo video maybe 60 fps or 120 fps. And also good low light performance.


Im looking at an ebay purchase of no more than 300 quid with a decent telephoto.


Any advice from current owners ?



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  • Location: Bempton, Bridlington, East Riding. 78m ASL
  • Location: Bempton, Bridlington, East Riding. 78m ASL

    We have just bought a Nikon 3200 (admittedly new) and are very pleased with it, its an entry level camera in the Nikon range, but supports a wide range of accesories. So far we have a 18-55 and 55-200 lenses. Havnt tried the video mode yet. We paid about 280 for the body and 18-55 lens and picked up a good used Nikon 55-200 from our local CEX shop for just under £100, so it should be within budget.


    One gadget which we have been particularly impressed with is the wi-fi dongle, it allows viewing and instant downloading to a tablet or phone, and allows said phone/tablet to act as a remote control, much better than messing with a self timer for group shots, as well as simplfying setting up shots. adds about £45.


    When you read the reviews about cameras there is a lot of tech detail, this can help, but sometimes it doesnt give the feel of the camera, the D3200 will work well as a point and shoot in fully auto, for 'normal' pictures, but with a bit of experimenting is capable of a lot more. For example I have just copied about 200 x 50 year old colour 35mm slides with very good results using the 18-55 lens and a set of extention tubes.

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