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May 2015 - Monthly Statistics

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  • Location: Failsworth, Manchester - alt: 93m
  • Weather Preferences: Hot sunshine and thunderstorms. Mild in winter.
  • Location: Failsworth, Manchester - alt: 93m

A brief summary here:


May 2015 - a cooler, wetter and much windier than average spring month, with many days averaging maximas of 10-14°C.


Days with:


Frost: 0

Rain: 28

Strong winds (>40 mph gusts): 3

Thunder: 2

No sun: 5

Snow falling: 0

Snow accumulating: 0

Fog: 0




Highest maxima: 19°C (11th)

Lowest maxima: 9°C (2nd)

Highest minima: 12°C (11th)

Lowest minima: 1°C (1st)


Mean maxima: 13.68°C

Mean minima: 6.58°C

Overall mean: 10.13°C - 1.63°C below the 1981-2010 average - coolest May in my records


Temperature graph compared with the 1981-2010 average:



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  • Location: Heswall, Wirral
  • Weather Preferences: Summer: warm, humid, thundery. Winter: mild, stormy, some snow.
  • Location: Heswall, Wirral

May 2014 Statistics

Below are the statistics for my weather station during the month of May

Mean Maximum: 15.6C
Mean Minimum: 7.6C
Overall Mean: 11.6C

Monthly Rainfall total: 80.0mm
Rainfall days: 14 days
Max rainfall in one day: 19.8mm (19th May)
Total Snowfall: 0cm
Snowfall Days (Snow falling): 0cm
Max snowfall in one day: 0cm

Highest daily maximum temperature: 20.1C (22nd May)
Lowest daily maximum temperature: 8.4C (2nd May) 
Highest daily minimum temperature: 11.1C (11th May)
Lowest daily minimum temperature: 3.8C (1st May)

Days with Ground Frost: 0
Days with Air Frost: 0
Days of falling Snow: 0
Days of lying Snow: 0
Thunder days: 0

Temperature frequency breakdown

Maximum temperature:
5.0C to 9.9C: 1 day
10.0C to 14.9C: 10 days
15.0C to 19.9C: 19 days
20.0C to 24.9C: 1 day

Minimum temperature:
0.0C to 4.9C: 1 day
5.0C to 9.9C: 28 days
10.0C to 14.9C: 2 days

Compared to the Colwyn Bay May average (81-10 average = 11.45C), my average comes in at +0.25C above the Colwyn Bay average, making it an average month

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania



May - Hobart, Tasmania

We are experiencing a notable cool period down here, this being the third cooler than average month in a row ( 81-10 comparison but 61-90 also applicable ); the longest stretch of cool months since 2006.  Overall autumn ends up being the coolest since 2006, with close to average rainfall.


Average maximum:  14.6 ( -0.5 )

Average minimum:  6.8 ( -0.8 )

Rainfall:  76mm ( average 45mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ):  10/from 14


Some wintry action this month. Mild at first in a W to NW airstream off the southern continent, with an embedded front bringing 8mm of rain on the 2nd, and following fronts bringing only a shower or two. On the 6th a significant cold outbreak unfolded with a 24hr rainfall total of 23mm to follow ( the wettest day of the month ) with snow settling to near 350m ( just above the elevated suburbs ). This was the winteriest change in terms of low level snow in the month of May since 1989, and the lowest snow event so early in the month for many decades. With strong high pressure near stationary to the south of Western Australia, and intense cold lows passing to the south, there was room for further cold incursions from the south. Initially mild then progressively colder W'ly winds, before another significant cold front with 27mm over a day and a half from the 12th-13th, with further snow, settling near 500m locally, but lower in the south. Settled weather followed with high pressure approaching from the west north west, ahead of a cold but mainly dry southerly change on the 20th, with an intensyfying high developing just to the west. Very cool and sunny days, then an unsettled period at the end of the month as a westerly weather pattern returned. Generally becoming progressively colder before a very cold change on the 31st, and eventhough there was only a shower or two in the coldest air behind this change, snow was falling to low levels by nightfall.


Extremes in daily temperature for May ( Records since 1882 ):

Highest maximum:  19.4...1st ( Record 25.7 in 1997 )

Lowest maximum:  10.1...31st ( Record 6.1 in 1921 )


Highest minimum:  11.3...9th ( Record 16.2 in 2005 )

Lowest minimum:  2.3...24th ( Record -1.6 in 1902 )

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  • Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire - 68m ASL
  • Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire - 68m ASL

Weather Stats from Eastfield, Scarborough for May 2015.



A cooler than average month (-0.3C) and much wetter with 38.4mm over average rainfall bucking the trend for 2015 where previous months have all been below average. This in part due to some great thunderstorms on the 19th with frequent lightning and hail (See pics below). 



Mean temp                                       10.0C   (Average  10.3C)  (-0.3C)


Mean Maximum temp                         13.5C   (Average 13.5C)  (0.0C)


Mean Minimum temp                         6.3C    (Average 7.1C)  (-0.8C)


High temp                                        19.2C on 11th


Low temp                                        -0.2C on 1st







Total Rainfall –                                82.2mm.  (Average 43.8mm)   (+38.4mm)


Days of rain                                    >0.2mm = 12

                                                     >2.0mm = 8

                                                     >20.0mm = 1


Total wet days                               21


Days with snow falling                     0


Days with snow laying                     0


Wind / Pressure



High wind gust                               46mph (5th)


Average wind speed                        8.2mph


Dominant direction                          SW



Highest pressure                            1026.18hpa  (23rd)


Lowest pressure                             983.38 hpa   (5th)










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  • Location: Near Heathrow, London
  • Weather Preferences: Mediterranean climates (Valencia is perfect)
  • Location: Near Heathrow, London

Cooler and cloudier than average. Also the lowest absolute maximum high for May since the 1980s with just 21.6C.


The year so far. April was once again quite nice.


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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

Hedon, East Yorkshire.


May 2015


Warmest Max: 21.4°C (11th)
Coldest Max: 10.1°C (1st)
Warmest Min: 11.4°C (11th)
Coldest Min: 0.0°C (1st)


Average Max: 15.5°C (+0.6°C Above 1981-2010 Average)
Average Min: 7.1°C (-0.7°C Below 1981-2010 Average)
Overall Average: 11.3°C (Equal to 1981-2010 Average)


Rain: 73.0mm (153%)
Wettest Day: 3rd (16.6mm)
Sunshine: 196 hours (97%)


Air Frosts: 0
Sleet/Snow Falling: 0 days
Snow lying at 0900: 0 days
Dry Days: 15
Wet Days: 16
Days With Rain >1.0mm: 10
Days With Rain >10mm: 3
Thunder Days: 2
Days With Fog: 0


A very westerly month leading to a combination of warmer than average days and cooler than average nights. The month had close to average sunshine but no single day was ever clear throughout. It was a very wet month but the majority of the rain fell in the first 9 days. Only 10.8mm fell from the 10th - 26th. The minimum temperature of 0.0°C on the 1st was the coldest here since 1979. The 4th was very windy with a gust of 44mph, causing some damage locally. The 11th and 22nd were both warm days reaching 21.4°C and 21.1°C, though the high maxima was the lowest since 2009.

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Incorrect average min
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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

data for Cantley


Cantley May data

A month with below average temperatures and more rain than the 18 year average.

Mean temperature=12.4 (13.0)

Avge Max=17.0 (17.8 ) highest daytime value=22.6 on 22nd and the lowest was 12.0 on 14th

Avge Min=7.8 (8.2) with the coldest night on the 8th with 4.2 and the warmest 12.4 on 11th


Total rainfall was 60.4mm (39.0) with the wettest day on 3rd with 15.6mm; 13 days with 0.2 mm or more and 10 with 1.0 or more. There were 3 days with more than 10mm in a 24 hour period. The first half of the month produced most of the rain.

Ground frost occurred on 2 mornings with no air frost, snow, hail, fog or thunder.


not got round to doing the spring summary yet

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