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Last nights 5 Tornado, mega hail, 150kmh derecho last chase day of the tours


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The internet connection keeps bombing out for Paul as they travel back to Denver ready to fly home tomorrow, yesterday was an amazing end to the 2015 Netweather tour season, nothing like going out with a bang!  Here's the update Paul has been trying to post :


Last one from me for Chase 2015. One of the Chase Days of the Season. Target was from Buffalo to Bowman and got onto our Supercell between the 2 Towns. First Tornado dropped near Ralph (SD) And after that we witnessed another 4 Tornadoes along this Cyclic Supercells lifetime with 2 more rope Tornadoes and a large Multi Vortex whilst North of the Circulation in the Bears Cage near Glad Valley quickly followed by a Pencil Cone Tornado. After all that we headed to Pierre for the night to regroup or so we thought as coming at us was a Tornado Warned Storm with winds of over 100mph ripped the Town to Pieces with Tornado Sirens Blaring at 230am. Just another day in Tornado Alley and a great send off to the 2015 Chase Season! Some of the Pictures from today -
















We should get some video of the derecho hitting up later too.

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