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  • Location: Aviemore

One new, and really useful feature on the forum is the activity stream. From here you can view the latest content as it's posted, unread content since your last visit, content you're following, people you're following (although this is currently not working, but will be soon), and can customise the feeds so it only displays what you'd like it to. 

For instance if your the thread you most often post into are the model thread and winter chat threads, you could set up a feed to show you the posts in the winter area from threads you've posted in to. 

For those who have been regular users of the old view new content page, that's now incorporated into the activity streams and can be found here:

To view the activity streams (there are a set of default streams, plus the option to make your own) just head to the activity menu: (desktop on the left, mobile on the right)

 activitystream-desk.thumb.png.826197c1f4 activitystream-mob.thumb.png.24059a02942

Clicking on one of the pre-made stream options will bring that up, and from there you can change the view with the small links on the right hand side, and by clicking the tick you can make that stream your default.


To customise a stream, just head over to the custom stream page and select from the options there:

The streams you make will then be saved in your account and available from the menu. 

If you have any questions at all about the activity streams, feel free to ask!

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