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2015 full collection of a year in Isle of Wight Weather

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  • Location: Sandown, Isle of Wight
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms and snow
  • Location: Sandown, Isle of Wight

I have a put a collection together of particular weather events that had been experience this last year on the Isle of Wight


Our only Morning of Snow through the whole of last Winter 3rd February 2015:

11038127_10205053981088116_8878489765307   10968327_10204784154062609_7124581814563   10968328_10204784153022583_533757053555310672255_10153292242518888_9515303741083

24th March 2015, an Evening of Showers in a slack North West/ West North West Flow, produced an incredible shelf cloud, this also gave 2 flashes of Lightning too


This was the same Evening 24th March 2015, after the showers/weak storm that rolled through, produced a pretty quality Sunset after.


13th April 2015: This was another notable event, Ive never ever seen fog like it, this was before it got really intence, but Culver had its hat on


Later that Evening we had Scenes like this, the whole channel absolutely covered in an ocean of fog, this was the case around the whole Island, but we managed to get up high to capture the sunset setting behind it


Again same night we went back out at 2am with similar scenes with the fog but this time I shot the Milkyway over it


These photos are weather related because the fog scenes were the best ive ever seen.

29th April 2015: Another Weak area of showers moved across the North of the Island, one left a Rainbow behind it


19th-20th May 2015:  Yet another Slack North Westerly flow again allowed Showers to affect the Island, there some beautiful cloud structures and very lively showers. the 19th did have an evening storm which skimmed the Islands coast


11141726_10205536912761106_3845456710748    11245523_10205546350837052_2465580903168

11th June 2015: First proper plume of the Summer, most of the storms this Night actually died and weakened by the time they reached the Island and the South Coast, but we managed to capture a fair few snaps, though some of the storm just about made it!

11390182_10205728450829438_5348109006008   10156103_10153629451613888_828928332414911392891_10205728774437528_444608932074511406482_10153630835688888_3717975832087

4th July 2015: Another Plume, an incredible Electric Storm just about clipped the West Coast of the Island, and Bournemouth got pasting!


11th July 2015: One of me and my mates most proudest moments, no one had forecast or even indicated the possibility of storms, my mate stuck to his guns and he was very confident on the potential of high based dry heat storms that Evening, and I agreed with with him, all based on passed experience and what the charts were showing, and this was the End product for that Evening



Believe it or not that was the last really notable weather event of the year, 2nd half of the year was very poor and event less regarding any extreme weather Events for decent photo sessions too, bare in mind this a collect me and my friend have put together as a team and he gave me permission to share this mixture of photos with you, Majority of the photos are mine, the ones that say Islandvisions at the bottom of the image are my friends! Hope you enjoy  and here's too 2016!

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