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  • Location: Solihull, WestMidlands, 121m asl -20 :-)

I have a Cannon 4 in 1 cartridge printer, nothing special but does the job i expect it to, just one thing though.....CARTRIDGE INK!!!

It is not cheap if you keep on using it the way i do, i buy a twin pack every 3 - 4 weeks, so when i saw an ink cartridge company "refills at half of the price"

Well straight in there HAPPY DAYS! so i thought,  after taking my old cartridges in for exchange got Black & Colour refills, got home and both were showing low, so went back, changed them, went home, except this time the black was again showing low and the colour was empty, for the third time went to the shop and after i heard all the apologies, i thought OK! i would try one more time....SAME :wallbash:

Didn't even bother going back, just went and got the original Cannon cartridges got home and both full toO thE toP, don't bother with refill company's.....waste of time and money...Just a rip off!!!

Has anyone else had the same problems I've had.


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