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March 2016 weather statisitics


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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


March - Hobart, Tasmania

A mild and dry start to autumn. Since September, every month has been warmer and drier than average. Rainfall since September of 194mm represents 54% of the long-term average for the Sep-March period. The deficiency is sharper in the west. Since October, the mean monthly temperature anomaly has been above 1.0C ( 1981-2010 comparison ). So this is a significant length of time for an uninterrupted stretch of warmth and dryness.

Average maximum:  21.6 ( +1.3 )

Average minimum:  12.5 ( +1.1 )

Rainfall:  17mm ( average 45mm )

Rain days (+1mm ):  5/from 12 

Warm and sunny at first but humid for the first half of the month as tropical air streamed in from the northern tropics on a near stationary surface trough extending south across the country, but to Tasmania's north. Remaining mainly dry with muggy nights and winds varying from warm northerly to cooler onshore south to south-easterly, as high pressure ridged to the south. Sometimes onshore light showers. A marked front from the west on the 18th introduced cooler and fresher air, with 10mm in the city but much higher falls in the west, temporarily easing the drought conditions over there. The aftermath of this front set the rest of the month up for cooler but dry weather with much fresher nights.

Extremes in daily temperature for March ( records since 1882 ):

Highest maximum:  31.6.....2nd ( record 37.3 in 2008 )

Lowest maximum:  15.7.....20th ( record 8.9 in 1925 )

Highest minimum:  18.2.....2nd ( record 21.1 in 1906 )

Lowest minimum:  7.2.....29th ( record 1.8 in 1926 )

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

Cantley Weather for March 2016

Quite wet although only 12 days with 1.0mm or more, falls of 17.6,  19.6 and 25.4 in three 24 hour periods accounting for most of the total of 80.6 mm.

The first  below average month since August 2015 for temperatures.

Mean=6.5 (7.3)

Avge Max=10.6 (11.1) Highest daytime=15.5 on 25th and coldest day=4.3 on 4th

Avge Min=2.4 (3.5) with the coldest night being -2.7 on 8th and the warmest 7.1 on the 26th


Total rainfall=80.6 mm with 13 days of 0.2mm or more and 12 with 1.0 mm or more. The wettest was the 28th with 25.4 mm.

No snow with 5 (5) air frosts and 16 (10) ground frosts; 1 day with thunder and small hail, no fog

Average values are given in brackets, temperatures are in C

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