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Guest ChaserUK

Hello everyone - I am so annoyed I did not get up earlier and by that I mean soon enough to catch tonights storms!!. It started out to the West of London and moved very quickly, say 40-50mph NE towards Norwich. Below is a map with my own little additions on there, starting with the southernmost being Colchester moving North to Ipswich, Bury St.Edmunds and then Thetford, just to the South of Norwich:


Started out from Colchester about 1640 where these pictures were taken. At the time extremely windy, almost like strong inflow - lots of debris from leaves, branches and some of those were quite large!



Then started off up the A12 towards Ipwich, this being a NE direction. In the distance very good signs of organised convection and the winds were still blowing into the storm...


Then it was NW on the A14 from Ipswich to Bury St.Edmunds - I think this is where all went pear shaped - we got stuck behind a horse box and mooched along at about 15 mph whilst the storm continued on its merry way NE...anyway the photo clearly indicated we were getting closer :D


From Bury we again change direction and head up the A134 then A11 to Thetford. Luckily we found a decent dual carriageway this tiime and not a horse box in sight!!!! We put our foot down :) safely of course and in this pic you could see the storm out to our left and very decent signs of updraft right above us - we thought we would catch this storm for sure :D:D:(


Then we had to call it a day - this was just North of Thetford and you could see the storm in the distance towards Norwich, which shows up nicely on the 18z METO Radar above - you can see how close we got!!!


So there you have it, 2.5 hours and 150 miles and a bust - good fun however. Also, whilst listening to Radio 4 on the way we heard good old Rob comment on the storms, apparently "very colourful in the East", with "8mm hail reported" - and we got so close!!! :roll:

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Guest ChaserUK

Have to admit they do seem rather tempermental - one minute there and the next gone! I closed the window and re-opened - there may be a problem given the total file size of the page?

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