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April 2017 Weather Stats.

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  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m
  • Weather Preferences: Snow/Thunderstorms
  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m

    April carried on the mild and dry theme we had over the winter months, unfortunately no sunshine stats but it was most certainly well above average.

    Clearer skies meant that nighttime temps were close to average but daytime temps were much milder than normal.

    Noteworthy event was the 23.2c recorded early April which was very warm for the time of year.

    Averages derived from 1981-2010 average.


    Mean Temp: 8.9c (+1.1c)

    Mean Min: 3.9c (-0.1c)

    Mean Max: 13.9c (+2.3c)

    Min Temp: -0.3c (24th)

    Max Temp: 23.2c (9th)

    Highest Min: 8.9c (30th)

    Lowest Max: 8.6c (25th)

    Air Frosts: 1 (Normal is 3)


    April average is 54mm

    Total for month: 20.6mm

    Wettest day: 9.4mm (25th)

    Highest Rain Rate: 37.2mm/hr (27th)

    Rain days: 11

    Dry Days: 19


    Highest: 1037.19 hPa (19th)

    Lowest: 1001.97 hPa (30th)


    Highest Gust: 36mph (25th)

    Average Speed: 5.3mph

    Wind Run: 3793.2 miles.

    Gale Days: 0


    Days with snow falling: 1

    Days with snow lying: 0


    No Thunder or Lightning heard/observed.

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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire

    April 2017


    Max Temp: 18.0°C (22nd)

    Min Temp: 0.0°C (27th)

    Mean Max: 14.1°C

    Mean Min: 5.2°C

    Air Frosts: 0


    Total: 10.0mm

    Wettest Day: 5.2mm (4th)

    Max Rain Rate: 30.4mm/hr (4th)

    Rain Days: 4

    Dry Days: 26


    Highest: 1037.49mb (20th)

    Lowest: 995.97mb (30th)


    Days with snow falling: 0

    Days with snow lying: 0

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  • Location: Halewood, Merseyside, 53.36, -2.84, (29M ASL)
  • Weather Preferences: Winter - snow, Irish sea convection. Summer - thunderstorms, hot sunny days
  • Location: Halewood, Merseyside, 53.36, -2.84, (29M ASL)

    Lowest temp - 1.8°C - 25th&26th. 
    Mean min - 6.7°C - +1.6. 
    Mean max - 13.2°C - +1.0. 
    Highest diurnal range - 18.1°C - 8th. 
    Highest temp - 20.7°C - 8th. 
    Coldest day mean - 6.0°C - 26th. 
    Warmest day mean - 13.5°C - 30th. 
    Month mean - 9.8°C - +1.0. 
    Double figure days - 29. 
    Max above 15°C - 5. 
    Max above 20°C - 1. 
    Double figure nights - 1. 
    Min below 5°C - 5. 
    Air frosts - 0. 

    Rainfall - 8.0 mm - 14.7%. 
    Rain days (>=1 mm) - 4 - 38.4%. 

    Thunder days - 1 - 25th. 

    *1981-2010 averages for Crosby

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    April - Hobart, Tasmania

    After a very warm start to autumn temperatures backed off in April but it was still a very mild month. The anomaly was +0.9c compared to the 1981-2010 period ( in brackets below ) or +0.8c above the 1961-90 period. The March anomaly was a massive +1.8c. We have not had a cooler than average month here since November.

    Average maximum:  19.2 ( +1.4 )

    Average minimum:  9.8 ( +0.4 )

    Rainfall:  22mm ( average 51mm )

    Rain days (+1mm):  5/from 9

    April followed the pattern of March. The first three weeks averaged warm and dry, with strong high pressure over southern Australia, mainly centered to the east of Tasmania. On the 9th, a low pressure system formed over Bass Strait on a front moving in from the west. Onshore winds with moisture from the low brought 8mm, the wettest day of the month. The final week saw a more typical westerly stream with embedded fronts at 36-48hr intervals bringing 2-4mm each time, mostly on the frontal rain band itself. On the 26th, cold air behind the first decent front of the season. Temperatures dropped to single figures during the afternoon, followed by the coldest night of the year, and the first settled snow of the year on the mountain by the next morning - a dusting to near 900m, but this melted away quickly after sunrise.

    Extremes in daily temperature for April ( records since 1882 ):

    Highest maximum:  25.5.....6th ( record 31.0 in 2014 )

    Lowest maximum:  12.6.....26th ( record 7.7 in 1967 )

    Highest minimum:  15.2.....9th ( record 18.6 in 1959 )

    Lowest minimum:  3.3......27th ( record 0.7 in 1888 )

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  • Location: The Purbeck Microclimate, Dorset.
  • Weather Preferences: warehamwx.co.uk
  • Location: The Purbeck Microclimate, Dorset.

    April was quite a sunny month here, and reasonably warm. There was 1 ground frost, and 1 air frost. The average temp was above normal, and rainfall was certainly well below normal.


    High: 18.6 °C - [9th April]
    Low: -0.6 °C - [27th April]

    Average: 10 °C
    MetO Derived Average: 8.8 °C
    Station Average: 9.4 °C

    chart.thumb.png.2b76278d8ea5eaf7ad1062bfa86d3f3e.png 590e34546d6d2_chart(1).thumb.png.11f5c0fb80a48e6f8d12dde8108d0628.png


    High: 98 % - [2nd April]
    Low: 32 % - [18th April]



    High: 1037.56 hPa - [20th April]
    Low: 995.80 hPa - [30th April]



    Max Gust: 27 mph - [18th April]
    Max Speed (10 min avg): 15 mph - [30th April]
    Avg Speed: 4.1 mph
    High Wind Run: 199.7 miles - [30th April]
    Dominant Dir: West Northwest

    590e345c43a71_chart(4).thumb.png.2a6d3bec2a82283feb6ca95e27dc3dc7.png 590e34600e54d_chart(5).thumb.png.09db2dc7466cda065b4fc186aa778cd4.png

    Total: 12.6 mm
    MetO Derived Avg: 52.9 mm
    Station Average: 30.8 mm

    Max Rain Rate: 13.4 mm/hr - [1st April]
    Max Hourly Rain: 2.8 mm - [30th April]
    Max Daily Rain: 7.2 mm - [30th April]

     590e346365dbe_chart(6).thumb.png.d22b19fc7dee1e4446d4504b0ee0a423.png 590e3466a8924_chart(7).thumb.png.18a8725d7d27466a421cf7fa5f6a0cc8.png 590e3468ddaa4_chart(8).thumb.png.f92cbea852dfe54023126e12478ed768.png 590e346b3d5e9_chart(9).thumb.png.4997acdcc0b18b1f22ec1b2d6796db39.png  

    Solar Radiation and Sunshine Data:

    Max Daily High Solar: 1215 Wm⁻² - [29th April]
    Min Daily High Solar:  548 Wm⁻² - [30th April]

    Max Sunshine: 11.5 hrs - [8th April]
    Min Sunshine: 0 hrs - [1 Day - 21st April]

    Total Sunshine: 173 hrs
    MetO Derived Avg: 185.9 hrs
    Station Average: 160.5 hrs

    590e346dc99e4_chart(10).thumb.png.8d25df577414b3deca2fd9c5d16a20df.png 590e347084ff3_chart(11).thumb.png.77920bb72c6fc36f44b62f89a4898665.png 590e34728d4f3_chart(12).thumb.png.6ee60c9ef735552b823465fe9ff09e7a.png

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