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The Bruton storm and flood after 90 years


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  • Location: Camborne
  • Location: Camborne

The continued growth in studies of historic floods (Brazdil and Kundzewicz, 2006) and the use of a variety of sources (Clark, 2003,
2006; Brazdil et al., 2006) can be justified for several reasons. First, a record of historic floods helps us to understand changes in
the hydrological cycle on a timescale that makes generalizations about trends more meaningful. Second, the rates of runoff produced
in extreme events help the engineer design flood alleviation schemes and dam spillways. Third, historic floods help us to understand both runoff and erosion processes under extreme conditions. Fourth, with proper use of runoff models based on measured soil characteristics, historic floods can help to give more robust estimates of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP), which are used in both dam design and in dam-break studies


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