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  • Location: Camborne

This week at Davis: 21 July 2017



One of the things we have all been waiting for as we head into the winter months is snow and wind and on Monday this week we were treated to both in what was a record making day of extremes and number synergies.

The wind on Monday 17/07/2017 at Davis local time 21.57 hrs peaked at 107 knots (198 km/hr) whilst we all enjoyed a balmy −7.4°C. Interesting facts regarding this weather event is that this is the second highest wind for any month at Davis and also happens to be the windiest July day on record. The previous July record was 105 knots (194 km/hr) recorded 26/07/1971 with the highest wind recorded at 111 knots (206 km/hr) on 18/04/1972. It’s been a fascinating year for weather extremes and we are all looking forward to the changes in the landscape that events like this deliver.


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