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Vantage Vue to Mac

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Earlier this year, I invested in the Vantage Vue weather station. It's been great, but I'm now looking to find the best way of getting the data from it onto the computer to preserve it on a longer term basis...and I run a Mac. 

There seem to be quite a few different options, but not really sure where to begin.



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It doesn't appear that anyone responded. I have the same problem and was given a cable to do the link to a PC, or in my case the an old Apple Mac that had Yosemite on it. To no avail I could not get the Weatherlink software to work. I then tried the cable direct into the router yet couldn't work out how to link it to the Weatherlink.com website. I'm ready to give up and send the system back to Weathershop as there doesn't seem to much technical support to get this expensive system up and running. We could form a support group for disgruntled keen weather watchers who use Apple computers! I guess we've been in the 21st century longer than some. ;)

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  • Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire 160M Powering the Sheffield Shield

    Problem is it's niche market for a niche market. When apple go across to arm processors even more so. Davis are only a small company so probably can't afford to develop for such a small section of the market.

    There are a few quite a few programs for osx some look pretty good. I would go for weatherlink IP or the wireless version of it then look at the alternative software.


    Using Apple Macs with the Davis Weatherlink loggers Important (Feb 2019): The 6520 Weatherlink for Mac product remains available but we do […]

    If you want a little adventure try rasperberry pi and cumulusmx

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