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February 2018 Statistics


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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


February - Hobart, Tasmania

A cool down after four very warm months. The mean temperature anomaly was -0.2c below 1981-2010 and equal to 1961-90. It was the coolest February for 7 years.

Average maximum:  21.7 ( -0.4 )

Average minimum:  12.8 ( +0.2 )

Rainfall:  35mm ( average 39mm )

Rain days (+1mm ):  6/from 9 

Relatively cooler and cloudier as summer comes to an end with cold fronts passing through with more regularity and cool air masses persisting for longer periods. An active front with an associated intense low passing just off the south coast brought 14mm on the 14th, with snow settling at 1200m by the end of the day. This was the months wettest day. The coldest day of the month was dry cloudy and breezy behind a cold front. On the 23rd/24th a humid unsettled airmass originating from the remnants of  Tropical Cyclone Kelvin which crossed the Western Australia coast a few days beforehand brought patchy rain, increasing, as cooler air and a succession of cold fronts converged from the south-west with 13mm over a day and a half. This month felt almost autumnal with a good quota of cool days, compared to the previous four months. 

Extremes in daily temperature for February ( records since 1882 ): 

Highest maximum:  30.5.....10th ( record 40.1 in 1899 )

Lowest maximum:  15.5.....19th ( record 9.6 in 1964 )

Highest minimum:  18.4.....8th ( record 24.7 in 1912 )

Lowest minimum:  8.6.....1st ( record 3.4 in 1980 )

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