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Exploding pingos


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  • Location: Camborne
  • Location: Camborne

    Crater formed by exploding pingo in Arctic erupts a second time from methane emissions


    Startling new evidence from satellite images shows a repeat blast at one water-filled hole in tundra, say experts.

    A new theory also surmises that human exploitation of natural gas resources on the Yamal peninsula has led to the forming of toxic pockets which then explode, forming funnels or craters.

    The phenomenon of dramatically exploding pingos in Siberia’s polar regions has come to light only in recent years. 

    It is being actively examined by scientists because of deep concerns over the safety of natural gas industrial installations including pipelines, as well as residential areas, for example on Yamal peninsula. 

    A series of crater lakes - some tiny, others large and deep - have been caused by what has been seen as thawing permafrost leading to methane gathering under pingos - and then exploding. 

    Today’s claims about second explosions in the same craters is entirely new. 


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