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Top 5 Best and worst springs?


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  • Location: Perth, Scotland
  • Location: Perth, Scotland

My best Springs.

2018: Had everything I like in Spring ended up almost exactly average as well. Cold and snowy weather in March, April had every type of weather you could imagine and May was consistently very warm and sunny.

2017: Being my sunniest Spring also some very warm days in March, a notable cold snap at the end of April and a very good May.

2009: Being consistently warm with no exceptional heat, also being very sunny.

2010: Cool, but often sunny, some warm days in April and a very hot spell in May.

2016: March had a very warm spell around midmonth and Easter was very unusual with hail showers, strong winds and a notably cool feel. April had a very bizarre snowfall at the end and May had some warm days.


Worst Springs.

2014: Just plain boring, nothing especially cold or hot. Hardly any sun in May and aside from a few warm days in April nothing else jumps out.

2002: Aside from a few days in March and April it was another dull, wet one particularly in May and this is the only Spring not to reach 20.C

2013: Down to the persistent cold weather, usually like some cold weather in Spring but it dragged on and on until the end of May can’t remember seeing any leaves on the trees till the last week in May.

2005: Another boring affair, a very mild but boring March, April was wet but sunny. May was noticeably cool and we completely missed the heatwave at the end.

2008: Aside from Easter which had some snow and cold wind and the first half of May which was exceptional it was consistently showery and unsettled. April had many cold days.



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  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Weather Preferences: Cold, snowy winters and warm, sunny summers
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland

Don't have 5 on each side but my favourites and least favourite:


2011 - Lots of sunshine and lots of warmth. March was one of the sunniest on record and April was the warmest on record.

2010 - Like 2011 lots of sunshine with many nights of severe frosts. Long dry spells in early March and mid-April. A very warm spell near late May which contained my warmest May day on record.

Least favourite

2013 - Cold, dull and wet. Yuck! Worst season of my life and I particularly loathe March.

All the rest are pretty mediocre for Springs as a whole - individual months like May 2017 were stunning though. Spring 2018 belongs in the interesting category for me than favourite. 

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  • Location: Lincolnshire
  • Location: Lincolnshire

Best Springs for Me





2012- Although April was not warm enough but still March and May brings this Spring as one of my faves (Esp March)


Worst Everrr


Dont really have any other bad ones as of now

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  • Location: Shrewsbury
  • Location: Shrewsbury

Favourites in no particular order:

2018: snowy March, fine May with storms at the end, strikingly two-halved April with very cool and dull start then warm and sunny end

1995: crazy up and down weather that having started with snow, kept flipping between warmth and unseasonable cold, even right into May.

1989: a funny one, really cold April between really warm March and May

2003: forget summer, spring was the best season this year. Amazing early heatwave in April, very sunny March, think May had a storm or two.

1998: big contrast between cold, very wet April and fine warm sunny May, don't remember much of March though.

Honourable mention 2012 for the warmth at the end of March followed by snow in early April, and that hot spell in May.


2009: very very boring. April reached 10C every day, had hardly any frost, but didn't exceed 18C at all, and it was dull too. March I can't remember anything, May took till the second half to exceed 21C.

1991: dull and cold, and it continued that way through June. No snow, storms, early heat waves, nothing. 

1994: another very boring one. Nothing much happened in March or April that I recall, another cold dull May. Similar to 1991 in that a very boring spring came between a quite interesting winter and summer.

1993: more boring weather from this year which except for October-November was such an awful year. No heat, snow, storms, just a lot of unsettled cool stuff. The early 90s seem to have had a lot of boring spring months, May 1992 excepted.

2002: there was a decent sunny week at the end of March and a few nice days in April, but otherwise boring, especially May (and June..). 

Honourable mention 1996: it did have a bit of snow in March and warmth right at the end of May, but it also had weeks on end of dull cold weather.


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