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January 2019 Statistics


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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


January - Hobart, Tasmania

This was the hottest and driest January by far in 138 years of records. Rainfall total 0.4mm.  Mean temperature anomaly +2.9c compared to 1981-10 ( below ) or +3.2c above 1961-90.

Average maximum:  25.9 ( +3.7 )

Average minimum:  14.7 ( +2.1 )

Rainfall:  0.4mm over 2 days ( average 47mm )

The record heat was an extension of widespread high temperature anomaly across most of the continent. Blocking high pressure over the Tasman Sea ensured cool changes were brief and dry. Dry lightning ignited a number of bushfires resulting in smoky skies towards the end of the month. As well as being the hottest January it was the hottest month of any month exceeding February 2000 by +0.6c. It was also the equal driest month of any month, equaling December 1994. Seven days exceeded 30 degrees and this is also a record for any calendar month.

Extremes in daily temperature for January ( records since 1882 )

High max:  37.9.....25th ( record 41.8 in 2013 )

Low max:  17.7.....23rd ( record 11.1 in 1885 )

High min:  19.1.....29th ( record 23.9 in 2018 )

Low min:  9.9.....13th ( record 3.3 in 1902 )T





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  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m
  • Weather Preferences: Snow/Thunderstorms
  • Location: Nr Malton, North Yorkshire 53m

January Stats for Firby, North Yorkshire:

A dry month, frequent frosts with temps generally around average.


Mean Temp: 3.2c (-0.3c)

Mean Maximum: 5.9c (-0.1c)

Mean Minimum: 0.5c (-0.5c)

Maximum Temp: 11.5c (7th)

Minimum Temp: -6.8c (30th)

Lowest Maximum: 0.3c (31st)

Highest Minimum: 7.5c (12th)

Air Frosts: 14 (120%)


Total Rainfall: 27.0mm (58%)

Wettest Day: 8.2mm (18th)

High Rain Rate: 51mm p/h

Rain Days: 16

Dry Days: 15


Highest: 1044.47 hPa (2nd)

Lowest: 981.82 hPa (26th)


Highest Gust: 40.0mph

Average Speed: 5.5mph

Wind Run: 4364.0 miles.

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  • Location: East Lothian
  • Weather Preferences: Not too hot, excitement of snow, a hoolie
  • Location: East Lothian

UK Met Office data for Jan 2019 (provisional from 1st Feb)




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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire

January 2019 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 12.6°C (25th)

Min Temp: -3.8°C (31st)

Mean Max: 7.8°C

Mean Min: 1.9°C

Air Frosts: 11


Total: 24.6mm

Wettest Day: 7.2mm (22nd)

Max Rain Rate: 8.6mm/hr (16th)

Rain Days: 12

Dry Days: 19


Highest: 1044.20 hPa (2nd)

Lowest: 980.13 hPa (31st)


Days with snow falling: 2

Days with snow lying: 1

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  • Location: Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine and 15-25c
  • Location: Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)

Edmonton Alberta


Highest 8.0c

Lowest -27.4c

Mean Max -3.1c

Mean Min -13.4c


Days with snow falling 16

Days of snow lying 31

Total snow recorded 15.2cm

Snow depth 22cm

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  • Location: Perth, Scotland
  • Location: Perth, Scotland

By far the driest January in my area in the last 30 years with only 17mm falling beating 2017 which had 28mm. It was also the sunniest January on record with 73 hours of sunshine beating the record of 67 which wasn’t recorded in 2001. Temperatures were overall not far of average although the minima was slightly below average. The month began rather mild but soon became colder, it became milder again from the 10th-14th before a cold snap between the 16th-21st followed by another mild spell before becoming very cold at the end.


Mean maximum: 6.9.C (+0.0.C)

Mean minimum: -0.2.C (-0.6.C)

Mean: 3.4.C (-0.3.C)

Rainfall: 17mm (19%)

Sunshine: 73 hours (151%)


Highest maximum: 9.8.C (25th)

Highest minimum: 5.7.C (25th)

Lowest maximum: -3.9.C (30th)

Lowest minimum: -10.8.C (31st)

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  • Location: Reading
  • Location: Reading

Statistics for central Reading, January 2019:

Average maximum 7.2°C

Average minimum 2.1°C

Mildest day 13.1°C (25 January)

Coldest night -4.5°C (31)

Precipitation 31mm (from the Reading University station, 51% of average)

Sunshine 54 hours (from the Reading University station, 95% of average)

Snowfall total 3cm, days with lying snow 2, days with fog 1, no thunder heard.

A dry month with temperatures generally slightly below average. Cold spells in the second and last weeks, with snow in the final days of the month.

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