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Ecowitt Weather Stations

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  • Location: Guildford, Surrey, UK
  • Location: Guildford, Surrey, UK

I thought I would start a new topic to draw attention to the new weather station brand based in Hong Kong working very closely with Fine Offset to sell their latest equipment. You can purchase their kit from the Aussie/Canadian and US versions of Amazon or direct from their website. Given we no longer have Maplin in the UK and even then they offered only limited products I thought this is worth knowing about.


If you are UK/Europe based you can either take a punt and order from Amazon.com who will happily ship to the UK but you will get US Frequency equipment which may or may not have interference issues. If you want to have 433Mhz or 866Mhz based weather sensors then drop the sales team at Ecowitt an e-mail and they will quote you a price with shipping. My kit came with UK PSU etc and my customs cost was £18 which was mostly FedEx admin.

I have written a small review here for those interested of my experience purchasing the Ecowitt HP2551 wifi weather station.


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