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Sunshine in the last 12 months


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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

As mentioned in the other thread, it has been a notably dry last 12 months here. However, at the same time, its been an unusually sunny period aswell. Here's my figures:

May 2018: 280hrs (139%)
Jun 2018: 241hrs (131%)
Jul 2018: 267hrs (135%)
Aug 2018: 190hrs (103%)
Sep 2018: 158hrs (109%)
Oct 2018: 144hrs (133%)
Nov 2018: 79hrs (116%)
Dec 2018: 63hrs (121%)
Jan 2019: 74hrs (130%)
Feb 2019: 137hrs (171%)
Mar 2019: 155hrs (138%)
Apr 2019: 179hrs (144%) to the 24th.

Every single month has been above the 1981-2010 average for sunshine hours.

We're on a rolling 12 month period (25th April 2018 - 24th April 2019) of 1985hrs at the moment, which is 128% of average and significantly higher than the record sunniest calendar year which was 2003 on 1842hrs. In fact, only 1989, 1995, 2003, 2006 and 2018 managed above 1700hrs.

There's an outside chance of 2000hrs rolling over the next few days, something I never thought I would see in this area. Its pretty much the average in northern Spain and central southern France.

Are others seeing similar? I would be particularly interested in the values people in the south-east have reached. Lowestoft for example has a rolling 12 month total from April 2018 - March 2019 of 2046hrs, a figure which will likely rise after this month.

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  • Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire
  • Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire

I have no statistics but I imagine it's close to record breaking in these parts too. May last year in particular was extraordinary for sunshine levels with so many days seeing unbroken sunshine from start to finish.  June and July were also exceptional. I'm wondering if I could get the official figures for Rostherne which is near to Manchester Airport and records sunshine totals.

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  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Weather Preferences: Cold, snowy winters and warm, sunny summers
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland

Here in Dublin, Ireland (figures from Dublin Airport data by Met Éireann), it hasn't been exceptionally sunny due to a few dull months.

May 2018: 224.0 hrs (116%) - May 2017 was a little sunnier 

Jun 2018: 268.6 hrs (155%) - sunniest June since 1957 (third sunniest on record) and month since August 1995

Jul 2018: 182.5 hrs (111%) - on par with July 2014 (182.8 hrs) but not as sunny as July 2013 (237.0 hrs) for recent comparisons

Aug 2018: 121.5 hrs (77%) - August 2017 was relatively duller. August 2010 was my last sunnier than average August (with 216.0 hrs) and also most recent August to record at least 200 hrs.

Sep 2018: 136.2 hrs (106%)

Oct 2018: 120.6 hrs (117%) - sunniest October since 2010

Nov 2018: 50.2 hrs (71%) - dullest November since 2007

Dec 2018: 30.5 hrs (59%) - dullest December on record, bet 2002 by 0.1 hrs (30.6 hrs)

Jan 2019: 46.8 hrs (79%)

Feb 2019: 112.4 hrs (149%) - third sunniest February on record behind 2004 and 1968

Mar 2019: 132.6 hrs (122%) - sunniest March only since 2015

That in total is 1,425.9 hrs which is not too far off what you'd see in an average year here though still sunnier than average (as there is no April total included). My sunniest observed was 2010 with 1,717.7 hrs which had every month bar February and July recording above average sunshine (though February was very sunny for some parts of the country just not Dublin due to easterly winds I would think).

1959 holds the record for most amount of sunshine in a year at an Irish station with Rosslare having 1996.4 hrs of sun that year. Dublin Airport saw 1,740 hrs - not a bad total at all for here and not far off 2010's total.

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