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April 2019 Statistics

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


April - Hobart, Tasmania

The equal second warmest April for mean maximum temperature but nights were anomalously cool - cutting the mean anomaly to +0.7 above 1981-2010 or +0.6 above 1961-1990. Overall, it was the coolest April for 4 years.

Average maximum:  19.6 ( +1.8 )

Average minimum:  9.0 ( -0.4 )

Rainfall:  32mm ( average 50mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  5/from 10

Predominantly dry with high pressure centered over southern Australia. Occasional fronts brought several milimetres of rain but the weather was quick to clear under high pressure ridging. The wettest days were 13mm on the 6th in an early morning thunderstorm on a cold front,  7mm on the 8th, 9mm on the 18th and just over 1mm on the 26th. The 26th-28th was reasonably cold and windy as an intense low passed to the south. Brief showers in the colder stream on the 26th behind the first of a series of cold fronts, with snow settling near 800m. A dry start to the year here with 84mm ( 47% of long-term average ).

Extremes in daily temperature for April ( records since 1882 ) :

High max:  28.7.....17th ( record 31.0 in 2014 )

Low max:  12.7.....27th ( record 7.7 in 1967 )

High min:  15.8.....17th ( record 18.6 in 1959 )

Low min:  5.4.....19th ( record 0.7 in 1963 )

Historically high mean maximum temperature




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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire

April 2019 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 25.2°C (20th)

Min Temp: 0.0°C (3rd)

Mean Max: 14.5°C 

Mean Min: 6.3°C

Air Frosts: 0


Total: 35.8mm

Wettest Day: 13.6mm (4th)

Max Rain Rate: 20.2mm/hr (24th)

Rain Days: 12

Dry Days: 18


Highest: 1029.94 hPa (20th)

Lowest: 990.05 hPa (4th)


Days with snow falling: 0

Days with snow lying: 0

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  • Location: Redlynch, Wiltshire / 110m asl
  • Weather Preferences: Cold snowy winters, warm springs, hot summers, warm then stormy autumn
  • Location: Redlynch, Wiltshire / 110m asl

April 2019; Redlynch, Wiltshire

Max Temp: 26.4°C (20th)

 Min Temp: -2.4°C (3rd)

Mean Max: 15.9°C

Mean Min: 4.2°C

 Air Frosts: 3

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