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Robbing the HOBO


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  • Location: Yellowknife, NT, Canada
  • Location: Yellowknife, NT, Canada

    As it doesn't look like I'll get the HOBO weather logger going for winter, I'd like to use sensors from it for a home built weather station.  It has a Solar Radiation (Silicon Pyranometer) Sensor that would be nice to tap into, an anemometer (no wind direction), a tipping bucket rain gauge (I have the calibration documentation, it will be covered for the winter), a ground level thermometer, screened temperature and humidity probes, and a bird feeder hanging from it.

       The bird feeder I can figure out, I was looking for ways to employ a Raspberry Pi or Arduino to read some of the other sensors, or alternative sensors like the DS18B20 or other for temperature, possibly a combined temperature and humidity sensor and output the data in a readable format, or for my permafrost monitor, record it.

        Are there forum participants that do homebuilt weather stations?

         I have plenty of removed (calender life expired) high quality primary (not rechargeable) lithium batteries from aviation emergency locator beacons that will work great at our coldest temperatures..  It would be nice if the other components also worked at low temperatures (colder than -40 if available)


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