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Should We Be Even Warmer Than We Are Now?


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  • Location: Isle of Canvey, Thames Estuary
  • Location: Isle of Canvey, Thames Estuary

    First, I am against fossil fuels and going forward support just about everything that can provide alternative clean power.

    BUT, What is happening? Could the ‘innocent intentions’ of cleaning our air at this time make things worse, in the short term at least? But is it short term?

    People cherry pick information to suit their agendas on occasions. Also, you only hear voices from one side about climate change and it’s ‘all us’ causing it. The media never report any counter arguments, it’s only these that you mostly pick up on forums because these can’t be right, or fit an agenda.
    It’s so one sided! One side is not being listened to or at least any concerns are not taken on board. We are right, you are wrong! We’ve heard that before.

    Let’s ‘cherry pick’ some evidence.

    9/11. No aircraft over North America and scientists were waiting for this moment so tests were done to measure the impact of no emissions up there. The results were opposite to what was expected, a 1 degree rise in temps with the cleaner air. How can that be?

    We’ve seen the bar chart graphs showing a steady increase in temps since the end of the last century. But lay that over air cleanliness over the same period, that’s been rising too!

    In Canada, record temperatures this year despite the large drop off in aircraft emissions?

    In summary, could these ‘innocent intentions’ of cleaning the air actually be causing an imbalance at this time? We know heating greenhouse gasses can stay in the atmosphere for literally hundreds of years, while cooling sulfate gasses only remain for a few weeks. It seems by trying to eradicate all gasses, the greenhouse gasses remain but are we now causing a greater differential with less cooling gasses.
    The headline is we are creating an imbalance where we will only continue to warm. Is that what is expected? 

    If we think we can control the earths temperature ask Greta and co what they would like the optimum temperature to be. A couple of degrees cooler than now?

    All I say is has this been thought through properly? Or if it has, are we seeing powers that don’t really care about us but only their ‘green’ agendas which for them brings it’s own amount of financial rewards. What seems like an opposite to the oil and energy companies might work just the same way of thinking when it comes to gaining hundreds of billions of pounds.

    I’m uncomfortable. We seem to have leaders and influencers on board, ones who will see we head in one direction. The evidence I have seen so far suggests the brakes won’t come on, more like we are only putting our foot on the accelerator.

    The rise in temp from less jet emissions, nothing is being made of that, no warning signals only it’s emissions so it must be bad. Yes, we can all benefit from cleaner air but perhaps there is already too much greenhouse gas up there already.

    I don’t know what the answer is but the solution may be a slower one rather than turn everything off quickly. You are left purely with heating greenhouse gasses and nothing to contra these.

    I’m concerned for our planet because the evidence I see is the ones trying to change things too quickly are the ones who might be causing the most damage, and there’s no real voice to stop them. They have a growing band on board, ones who are easy to influence because they are not being told the whole story.

    Wouldn’t they be horrified when in twenty years time where then told we acted too quickly, were too hasty, we made things worse, we did not look at the whole picture. We can’t even accurately predict weather 5 days out with our billion pound super computers. Who are we to predict what the impact will be now if we just try and alter one component of our complicated atmosphere. Nature will probably have a say in that as well.

    Back to the title of this thread, it seems taking away jet emissions at least causes our temp to rise, we can at least be certain of that.

    That should be a warning in itself however, what should the earth’s natural temperature be at this time if there were no gasses up there at all. We don’t know, we should tread carefully but there are those who want to go full steam ahead which in fact I see more of a threat to our future .








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