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Recommended sources for daily data for a single station pre 1996?


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  • Location: Marion County Oregon
  • Location: Marion County Oregon

    Such as the London Met Office or something. What are your best sources now that Wunderground has long since sucked and further more they won't ever expand past 2003 or so for the UK.

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    This is probably not perfect but it is okay I think. 


    I use this sometimes, the temperatures especially the low temperatures can be a bit off or missing sometimes but mostly I think it is close-near accurate especially Pre 2000. Although not perfect still

    You choose the date, month and year you wanna look at I usually choose day 31 and then pick a month and year and it’ll load the full month you picked and give you the data for that month e.g. October 31 1995, it’ll give you the weather on the 31st day of October as well as the rest of October. Then on the map you need to click the UK and it’ll load up with red squares those are weather stations and then you just choose/click a weather station in uk

    This one is more better for after 2000, it only records data from after 2000 anyways and is styled differently however some things still aren’t perfect but it is near enough ok. Looks mostly fine. Like I said not perfect but you can get a real gist of what the weather was generally like on both



     This is the best site I’ve come across so far and best laid out even if it isn’t perfect it is the best one to look at and best one laid out and gives you a general gist of the months etc. 

    the site starts up in the Spanish but u have to change it to English if it ever goes back to Spanish I think. 

    there are probably better sites I’ve seen one before think but it’s hard to use and all the data is on one big white background, whereas this is more orderly even if it’s not perfect

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