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How-to Ignore another member


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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

    Sometimes, for personal reasons or whatever else, you may not wish to read the posts from another member. And when that happens, there's an option on the community to ignore another user. 

    On a desktop/laptop, there are a couple of options for this. The first, quickest way is to point your mouse over the users name, their profile details will pop up and at the bottom of that is the option to ignore them.

    The other route on desktop, is to click your username at the top of any page and from the menu that pops out, select ignored users (under settings). 

    On mobile or tablet, you'll need to click the hamburger menu top right of the screen, choose account, then choose ignored users. 

    Regardless of the route you take, you'll end up on the screen below:

     Screenshot 2021-12-20 08.51.32.png

    From there, you can put the users name it (if it's not been auto-filled for you) and can choose to ignore their posts, messages, mentions or signature. 

    If at any point you want to stop ignoring or modify the ignore settings for a user, you can go back to the ignore users page, select them and make the changes you require.

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